6 Incredible Online Physician-to-Physician Resources to Check Out in 2022


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Working as a physician remains one of the top goals of medical workers around the United States. If you can find a solid physician job, you can begin comfortably preparing to optimize your output as a medical professional. In our digital age, finding quality work has become easier than ever before.

Finding excellent medical professional resources online has become a breeze as well. Here are just six of the incredible online physician-to-physician resources medical professionals should be checking out in 2022:

1. The Student Doctor Network

Before you can become a full-fledged physician, you’ll need to do a residency. Thankfully, there are tons of experienced physicians out there that find training and lifting up new medical professionals to be thrilling.

With the tools and connection resources at The Student Doctor Network, finding a solid, valuable residency opportunity has never been easier. The website caters to a massive range of medical professions but is especially well-known for kickstarting the careers of newly certified physicians.

The site is also home to one of the largest medical forums that specifically targets and hosts medical professionals – making it a great place to socialize while expanding your knowledge of cutting-edge medical discoveries and treatment methods.

2. The Medicus Firm

If you’re a physician who’s looking for your next dream job, no site is as robust and useful as The Medicus Firm. The technology they provide, their cutting-edge search engine, and the hundreds of thousands of jobs listed on the platform will all ensure you can find a fantastic physician position in 2022.

The Medicus Firm uses a peer-reviewed process to ensure its job postings are accurate and valuable, and that they can provide fantastic medical recruitment services to medical facilities around the world.

3. GomerBlog

Not every online resource has to be directly about finding work. In some cases, medical professionals simply need a professional resource that helps them feel inspired, or that simply lets them laugh about their job. For physicians around the world, the GomerBlog has provided endless satirical treats for the last few years.

One of the world’s only satirical news blogs for the medical profession, fans of The Onion, Clickhole, and other similar satirical sites need to visit GomerBlog ASAP. If you begin feeling a bit overwhelmed by looking for jobs and researching the job market, the laughs you’ll be treated to at GomerBlog will help you unwind. You may even learn something from their hyper-smart and medically-centered satirical takes.

4. Doximity

Since its launch, Doximity has been known as a sort of LinkedIn for not only physicians but all types of doctors. With more than one million healthcare providers listing jobs and resources on their site, Doximity has made it their goal to link healthcare providers and professional medical workers in a cutting-edge, effective fashion.

Potential employers can even browse the site for doctor’s profiles, adding a more personal edge to the experience. There are also many fantastic resource tools, like regional salary comparison tech and HIPAA-secure fax apps that physicians can take advantage of.

The mixture of popularity and notoriety has made Doximity a highly successful brand and company.

5. Mom MD

There are endless challenges to being a medical worker, especially when you’re taking on the intense workload of being a physician. However, women (and especially Moms), face even more unique challenges when navigating the complex world of medical work. Mom MD is an online community, magazine, and job resource that’s made especially for women physicians and medical students.

There are plenty of educational tools, professional connection boards, and more for visitors to enjoy. If you’ve got a question that only a fellow woman in the medical field can answer, or you’re looking for cutting-edge research surrounding women’s health, Mom MD has you covered.

6. Sermo

If you want a full-on social network for doctors, Sermo is here to blow your mind. With nearly one million physicians and other medical professionals on Sermo, it’s one of the best places to digitally mingle with fellow professionals.

There are tons of resources for finding jobs, finding obscure medical advice, and discussing complex topics with fellow physicians from around the world. Before Sermo, many physicians relied solely on conferences and medical journals to craft valuable, life-long connections with other physicians – but now, the entire medical world is becoming connected.

Find Your Dream Job Now

Now that you’ve got six amazing resources to help you with your job search, or professional development, you can take your physician career to new heights. Being prepared to job search in a new, digitally-amped up way is key if you want to finally find the physician job you’ve been dreaming of.