On “Pokemon Emerald,” where can I get the HM Surf?


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By defeating the Gym Leader in Petalburg City, you can obtain the HM surf in “Pokemon Emerald.” After defeating the Gym Leader, go to Wally’s House to get HM-03, “Surf,” from Wally’s family.

On “Pokemon Emerald,” you must complete the Petalburg City Gym to obtain the HM Surf. The Petalburg City Gym, fortunately, isn’t too difficult. Unlike some gyms, this one merely requires you to defeat the numerous Pokemon Trainers and then the Gym Leader. Seven trainers must be defeated, including the Gym Leader. Because all of the gym trainers employ normal-type Pokemon, using fighting-type Pokemon should make completing the gym battles a breeze.

The difficulty is that each of the rooms has a trainer who specialises in a specific attack. One-Hit KO Room, Accuracy Room, Attack Room, Defense Room, Speed Room, and Recovery Room are the names of the rooms. Prepare to deal with these peculiarities.

After you’ve fought all of the gym’s trainers, you’ll meet Gym Leader Norman. Norman is equipped with four Pokemon, including a level 27 Spinda, a level 27 Slakoth, a level 29 Linoone, and a level 31 Slaking. All of these are normal-type Pokemon, which are weak in comparison to fighting-type Pokemon.

After defeating Norman, you’ll receive the Balance Badge and TM-42, “Facade,” and you can visit Wally’s house, which is close to the left of the gym. Wally’s family presents you with HM-03, “Surf.”

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