Observe the Weather at the Iceland With Help of Billa


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Marsibil Erlendsdottir runs a farm and offers exact weather reports from a remote outpost in eastern Iceland. it process needs vigilance and unfailing resolve.

In the year 2012, studying photography in the German city of Dortmund and I am happy for a change. I have planned on reaching Iceland and read about the secluded farm which is out together.

I answer to pos landed the job which sold most of the thing and well booked my flight. 

Marsibil erlensdottir, farmer, and other weather station pick me up from Egilsstadir airport near Iceland. I travel to the weather station which takes up to 2 hours via snow-covered mountains.

On the other hand, there is a waterfall, past reindeer, and empty summer houses. At last, I reached at end of the isolated fjord and small yellow lighthouse in the distance.

Icelandic meteorological office runs 71 manned weather stations in 57 countries and each station report the precipitation snow depth and it covers every day.

Ms. Erlendsdottir which goes by Billa, one of the 14 stations which report over the cover and meteorological phenomena.

By every 3 hours, it does not matter that Billa ensures the reading over the weather instrument at her station such as temperature and wind condition and other common things.

She gave report and published over online and broadcast over the radio. Most of the farmers rely on their daily work and also fishermen find weather has high seas and give data will be the difference between life and death.

This weather station is located since 1938 which run by real people. Here the region is incredibly remote and during the coldest month of the year and its farm is accessed with help of the boat and if the storm hits and cuts offer the other world for a day. 

She develops at this weather station with help of the brother and she has five sisters. she got married to fishermen and own two children and one of her sons was born on a boat. her husband died in recent year and then she went to the weather station and also farm over her own.

She worked with help of the billa for 10 months and develop up on a farm in Poland. When she found a lot of the work such as take care of sheep, support to training, and repair the fence.

Billa never enjoys the spotlight and took one year to become comfortable for me to hire the best option. and she started to document her life and started to work. 

She enjoys spending much time off to get a grid and remain to return to the farm. she spends around 2.5 years in this place. during the winter season, these areas get inaccessible and daylight lasts for few hours, and lighthouses always spinning beams cut via darkness. 

Up to one month-end, then farm become blanketed by snow and there is no way to get farming.

Apart from that the sound is muted and during the winter season, the crush waves become progressively wilder and wind ever make stronger. though it is a too heavy snowstorm, she leaves her home to take care of animals as well as instrument shelter.

Every season, there is own task and during the spring when the sheep offer birth, the animals need to ensure for 24 hours. At the month of the autumn, the sheep started to be carried down from the mountain. 

Once the addition to farm work, she controls the lighthouse that was built during the year 1908. here store cupboard must well be stocked and there is a supermarket is 50 miles.

In the winter season, it required more than one hour to reach the shop and there is an option to travel by mail boat. Here the mail boat is activated once in two weeks if the weather condition is normal.

Due to the situation, there is great demand and but living in harmony with help of nature and offers her a sense of inner peace. Billa never sits still and spend as much time as possible outside.

A few years ago, her daughter Adalheidur went by the Heida . she finished her studies in Reykjavik and  moved back farm to help her mother.

When her daughter is always moving, My mother stays on her own. And she feels free and stays comfortable at all times. 


On reading the above words, you get detail about Billa and her weather report system and it works much better and gives the best option with no risk of it. apart from, you share right ideas is always work much better at all time.