What Are the Most Expensive Cowboy Hats?


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Most expensive cowboy hats – If you picture any American or a western man back in 1865, you would see a man dressed in white shirt and brown jeans. You would see that the man has a gun at the side of his waist, and on top would be a leather or a felt jacket.

You would also see the very famous and traditional symbol at the top – the cowboy hat. The cowboy hat is one of the symbolic elements that was used to recognize Buckaroos and travelers.

The cowboy hat was considered to be one of the best pieces of clothing, and every cowboy hat reminded people of what the man is. There were even times when people used to be recognized by the type of hats they wear.

Nowadays, you don’t see many people wearing cowboy hats. Yet, whether it is for a traditional event or cosplay, they are sold in hundreds and thousands of units. If you want to search about the best cowboy hat available in the market, you need to look for a lot of things in them.

Most of the time people overlook the fact of what the cowboy hat is made of, and the occasion as to where you should wear which material. Let us see the most expensive cowboy hat, and other queries related to it, in this article.

What are cowboy hats, and what significance do they have? 

Cowboy hats were considered to be a luxury back in the 1800s. We see that many people used to wear cowboy hats to differentiate themselves from either being a buckaroo or a traveler.

Apart from its physical benefits, it was used to enhance one’s visual appearance. Traditionally, they were invented to block the scorching sun, in places close to desert regions. You would find a lot of references to people wearing cowboy hats in regions like Arizona, or in Mexico.

The first cowboy hat was said to be designed by John B. Stetson in 1865. These cowboy hats were designed on three different types of material. The first material used were felts or fur of small animals such as a beaver or squirrels.

These were materials that were used during winter times to protect the head from freezing, while straw hats were designed to last in summer. You would see a variety of different materials that were used to make cowboy hats, however straw, felt and leather were the only three materials that were known to be weaved into a cowboy hat.

The significance of a cowboy hat is the nostalgic feeling that you would get as you would know that this hat was worn by our ancestors to protect themselves from the scorching sun, heat, and cold weather.

It is also significant today if you want to wear it while working in your farm, plowing and gardening. It is also worn by cosplay artists to depict western people from the 1800s. 

What are some of the most expensive cowboy hats? 

If you’re searching for one of the most expensive cowboy hats then you should know that it starts from a value of $500. However if you want something extraordinarily luxurious, such as a Stetson hat, you should look to have at least $5,000 to spend on it.

These $5000 premium cowboy hats are made up of premium quality of materials. Usually beavers and chinchillas are bred to get these felts, which are used for the production of Stetson hats. You should also be careful while looking for the material used to make cowboy hats, as you could be deceived concerning the material.

This is because of the fact that many leather and straw hats look alike. You should look for straw hats if you want to use the hat in summer, as they are lighter, and they fit very well.

You should also look for felts or fur hats that would be warmer and heavier, worn best during winter times. As for leather hats, they can be worn almost any time during the year. Most of the time, cosplay artists use cowboy hats that are generally made up of leather.

The worst part of having a leather hat is the fact that they are very heavy, and they do not have the curved brim or the crease in between the crown. Some of the most expensive cowboy hats would be the Tiara of the pope which is valued at $10 Million, the Chapeau d’Amour, amounting to $2.7 Million.

After the million range, the deep blue sea tops the price chart with $200,000. The royal hat from princess Beatrice’s wedding costs around $134,000. Brent’s hats are also worth thousands of dollars.

You can get “The hat” from Black’s at $100,000, while the Panama Montecristi is worth $25,000. Even the Chaplin hat is worth $62,500. 

What is the X factor in hat making?

The X factor in the hat making process is one of the most important things that you should notice before buying any type of a cowboy hat. The cowboy hat is considered to be made up of heavy materials, and that is why it is so expensive.

Even the most expensive cowboy hats are marked X. The X denotes the factor of quality in the material used while making the hat. There are 3X and 5X graders that are available in the market that are usually termed as moderate quality cowboy hats.

The 10X is considered to be made up of pure felts from an animal, and it is 100% pure. There are even 100X graded materials available in the market, and they are usually sold for millions or hundred thousands of dollars.

If you have a budget above thousands of dollars, you should go for something which is priced at 15X or 20X. However, if you want to buy a cowboy hat just for farming or cosplay, it would be better for you to get something which is either 8X or 7X for that look. 

How should your cowboy hat fit?

There are various types of fittings available for cowboy hats. If you are purchasing a cowboy hat, and you want to check the fitting, I suggest that you check it on the basis of the material used to make the hat.

Straw hats are bought tighter than any other material because they expand due to heat from your head. Felts and fur hats are bought heavier, because of the raging winds during winter. Leather hats are usually checked for that twist on the crown and the brim.