Lifestyle Write for us Guest Post Submissions

Do you feel passionate about sharing your lifestyle experience and the experience of others? If you start your every new day while checking out the latest updates from your favorite online magazines as well as newspapers that are highlighting lifestyle topics, then why not try your hand by starting your own lifestyle blog?

If your answer is “yes” to this question, you can take advantage of it here. Adding guest posts to other blogs is the best way to increase traffic to your own blog. 


Here your hobby can become your full time job. If you are fond of creating passionate pieces of content and sharing them with the online community, then you can also make yourself a career while trying to turn your life passion into a profitable business for yourself.

Blogging has become more than just a means of expressing ideas as well as sharing expertise with the world. A hobby for many people blogging has become one of the most proven sources of income for the talented and gifted writers who are specialised in it. If you have the knowledge and the skills that you can share with others, then creating a lifestyle blog by means of our blogging website feeligo will help you to achieve your dream.

Together, we can create a platform for the readers to explore a vast exchange of knowledge on a variety of topics of their choice.Our company is a rapid growing platform which offers blogs on a wide range of lifestyle related topics.  

If you are an emerging writer and want to get a better exposure, this platform is perhaps the best for you and can be your greatest resource. It helps you to be successful through a variety of social media channels by providing you with a better exposure.

Our blog is specially designed to cover all the topics which are related to lifestyle. The topics would be chosen by you only.  Fun and unique lifestyle themes written here would be highly appreciated in our blogs.

Reasons to write for us

  • Currently, we are one of the fastest-growing lifestyle related platforms in the blogging industry.
  • We believe in the originality and perfection of our blogs and we make sure our readers get the same throughout all our blog. We are also committed to provide our readers with the comprehensive contents.
  •  We actively conduct appropriate research to collect all related information. We also strive to attract the largest number of readers by meeting all SEO optimized content needs on our blogs.
  • Before posting any content in your blog we always make sure that the content is unique enough and store all necessary information related to it.
  • Adding content as guest post to our blog will dramatically improve your website traffic.
  • You can also use the various resources and backlinks provided on our website to improve your blog’s SEO.
  • Whether you are a newbie blogger or a professional blogger, one of the most important things to us is to post the perfect content.

The Type of Content Accepted in the Lifestyle contents

Before writing for us you should always note that we only accept content that has not been posted elsewhere. We always believe in ourselves and the reliability.

The writer should always make sure that they haven’t submitted revolving articles and rewriting articles. More than 90% of unique posts are only allowed here to be posted as our blogs so a guest post here should meet these requirements.

Also, in our blogs there is no room for press releases and product comparison articles. Our users can freely choose their lifestyle and write content on various articles of their choice. We are adding posts here as guest posts, so as to be sure to keep them throughout the post. People also can speed up the whole process by sending tons of guests after the draft.

Guidelines for writing for our blogs

Guest posts should always focus on related topics. The lifestyle here is a niche, so they should make sure what to send which would be category-specific. Additionally, advertising of yourself or your products on this blog is not permitted. All the messages and blogs must meet the minimum and maximum word criteria. We Allow our users to send guest messages of 800 to 2000 words.

The article should be thoroughly researched thoroughly and should be 100% unique with better ideas for our readers. The writers selection should include everything related to the topic itself.

Photos and videos are the best source of interest for the reader. It only allows the users of the blog to add original photos as well as videos. Content copyright infringement is strictly prohibited on our blogs. Each guest post always requires further investigation. So don’t just rely on one resource, a writer can also follow multiple links.

We also don’t want to promote competitor links on our blog. Users are free to provide links to the sales page website as needed.

The conclusion is a very jmportant part of any article. So a writer should always be sure to include a summary that supports the  discussion at the end of each article.

Instructions for Sending Guest Messages:

Acceptable Format

We accept any format that allows us to copy the content here and paste it on the website. Users are always free to use Word documents, Google Docs, Dropbox documents, PowerPoint presentations, and any other formats.

The writers can easily send their content via email. .

Message Format

The content in the guest post must always  be in the correct format. It is essential to add parts of the explanation and conclusion as well as various titles, sub-titles, as well as links.

If the content requires it, the writers can also use bullets or numbers.

Editing Information

We reserve the right to edit the blog posts. There are many different checks a writer should need to perform to make sure the article is free of spelling, grammatical errors as well as formatting. In this case, the writer must make this change.


Our blogs provide space to add author CV and guest posts. It also serves as an introduction to the website of the author who can also add links to their websites, social media profiles, and other services.

Lifestyle bloggers to write for us 

The writers should always be sure to submit all the new ideas and tips before submitting articles as well as the guest articles. It may be a good idea to submit a few completely different ideas before writing a blog. This will also include both the author’s personal profile as well as their social media profile. One of the best articles written in the style of the theme and contents in the websites are always accepted. 

Article submission should only be done if you believe that you have the art and experience of writing high-quality blog posts or articles related to the topic of your site which would be related to lifestyle.

Also, if you think there is something unique about lifestyle and entertainment like case studies that appeal to our editors as well as listeners, feel free to submit an article and share with us the possible content as well as the marketing ideas.

Guides and tips for writers

  • Articles and content should always add some value to the viewers. Only the best contributions from the guests are published on our blog. Articles should have at least 3 photos.
  • By following the directions and writing valuable articles that are worthwhile, authors are very likely to receive their articles and recommend them on their website.
  • The message must be well written.
  • Public messages will not be deleted or edited. Please do not contact us to make such a request, because it is not allowed.

Writers needed

We are looking for talented writers who provide expertise on health and lifestyle related topics. Having a writer who is passionate about these topics will help us to explain these areas more to our readers.Our primary goal is to get our readers to know more about the topics and to help them in their daily life.

The articles we are looking for are always creative and can spark the interest of a growing reading community who want to learn more about health and lifestyle.

Final Words

Our aim is all about publishing a detailed guide for our visitors on your blog. We always receive several guest posts, so therefore we always include high-quality content with absolute summaries on our blogs.We always appreciate the efforts of novice and professional bloggers alike, and we work hard to normally post several guest posts on our blog. The articles should always be well written and well explained so that our readers can fully understand the content.

 The number of requests per day is constantly increasing day by day so it may take a few days for the document you wrote to be published.

High-quality content is the foundation of our blog’s success, and we hope you will. We adopt unique and high-quality content from guest posts in the lifestyle section. Contact us for lifestyle write for us content.