Key Features That You Need to Consider While Picking Elliptical


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There are overwhelming elliptical options in the market. For finding the right one, you will have to go through the range of customized elements.

Here’s the proper guide to buying an elliptical trainer.

#1 Stride Length

This factor also holds importance in determining the amplitude of the leg’s movement and pedaling comfort. You must always look for a stride of sufficient length – the best being around 40 cm.

With the stride that is too long, you won’t get the option for extending your legs completely with each movement.

Using an elliptical trainer means that picking a 40 cm stride proves to be better for offering a good range of motion for the regular sessions.

With a longer stride, you can get access to fully work your leg muscles – and burn calories! One mustn’t ever rush for the cheap ellipticals with very short strides (14 – 17 inches).

Rather, it’s worth considering a stride length between 18 and 21 inches guaranteeing a comfortable elliptical ride. Adjustable stride can also give the preferred length. Multiple stride length options make the machine more versatile.

#2 Mobile Arm Bars

Moving arm bars give perfection to the upper body. Also, look for the quality and design of the moving armbars. Curved, multi-position handlebars work the best.

#3  Incline/Ramp

The feature is essential for changing the elliptical, running path’s slope. It becomes favorable for crosstraining and ensures an effective workout. Power incline ensures changing the settings from the console without disrupting your workout.

#4 Footpedals

Oversized foot pedals articulating or the ones that can be adjusted are the most favorable ones. In some customized models, you can also get toe-heel angles to choose to adjust the pedal to suit your needs.

#5 Flywheels

A heavier flywheel means a smoother feeling ride. So, you don’t have to stay worried about the jerky starts and stops.

#6 Warranties

You can get the availability of manufacturer warranty. Always make sure that the span of the manufacturer’s warranty is sufficient. You mustn’t pick any model showing a 90-day warranty.

#7 Resistance Options

Multiple resistance options ensure giving the workout variability as well as the training progression. Choose an elliptical with at least ten resistance levels. You can get the option of practicing on a fixed track; you will limit increasing speed.

With it, you can also incline options. The best part is the Adjustable incline to go ahead with your workouts’ variety.

You can customize your workout intensity and progress without needing a different machine. You can also get the availability of Adjustable handles. You can also get the adjustment with the height of the handles

#8 Ease of Use

For the perfect machine, you must look for Easy and smooth transitions. With these, you can get room for changing your stride, electronically or manually.

You should also look for a Well-positioned screen. You can also place the screen at a level to look into it properly without straining.

#9 Noise-reducing Factors

Lots of noise from a machine is intolerable. Like any other exercise machine, the elliptical may also be susceptible to producing a lot of noise. See that the machine mustn’t be too loud and shouldn’t interrupt your roommates or neighbors.

#10 Program Options

Sometimes, there isn’t a requirement of the Pre-programmed workout options. You will get a handful of pre-programmed workouts in some models, while some others will give you variability in your training.

That said; look for the prevention of boredom. You can get the one with Smart features like screens for streaming live and on-demand workouts.

#11 The Flywheel Weight

Elliptical trainer holds direct relation with the quality, comfort, and fluidity of pedaling. 7 to 10 kg flywheel causes an unpleasant pedaling with jerks. The higher the flywheel weight, the more resistance the user will be experiencing out of it.

It’s worth considering the elliptical bike with a very light wheel to give you the desired speed. Again, choosing the one with a heavier wheel is good enough for pedaling fluidity, more comfort, and better sensations.

#12 Mechanical or Magnetic Resistance

Mechanical resistance means increased pedaling difficulty, while magnetic resistance is available for modification from the console.

Also commonly referred to as a “motorized braking system,” magnetic resistance ensures more comfort with better cardio workout routines. This feature is also good enough for the resistance levels’ automatic change.

#13 Watt levels

The factor sets the pedaling power measurement based on walking or pedaling speed while including the level of resistance. Maximum wattage indicates the maximum resistance the machine can provide you.

Besides, it also signifies the power of an elliptical bike. You must go through the manufacturer’s specifications to determine the best fit model for you.

#14 Console With or Without Bluetooth

Bluetooth connection allows the elliptical trainer to connect to your phone or tablet. The feature allows positioning your phone on the bike console- you can then continue using it with the help of a touch console.

It will let you see the pedaling speed on your smartphone or tablet. With that, you can also customize the pedaling difficulty or resistance.

It will also allow customization of your workout routines and keep track of your stats. Overall, the performance sessions become more interactive.

Final Words

Consideration of the factors mentioned above ensures giving you the best elliptical machine for carrying out the sessions flawlessly.