Is it possible to solve for Y in terms of X?


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Solving an equation for y is another method to express solving for y in terms of x, according to the University of Regina. The solution is an expression equal to y involving the variable x, rather than a numerical value. The University of Regina provides an example problem: 8 + 5x Equals 9 – 4y.

Place the y variable on the left and the x variable on the right side of the equation.

Place the y variable on the left side and the x variable on the opposite side in the example 8 + 5x = 9 – 4y. To do so, multiply each side of the equation by 4y. To maintain the equation equal, it’s crucial to do the identical operation on both sides. Subtract 5 times from each side. The last equation is 4y + 8 = 9 – 5x.

Remove the constants from the left side of the equation.

The y variable must be alone on the left side of the equation to solve for y in terms of x. Subtract 8 from each side in the example problem. 4y = 1 – 5x forms the equation.

Isolate y on the equation’s left side.

4y = 1 – 5x is now the equation. However, in order for the equation to be solved for y, y must be alone. To make y appear alone on one side of the equation, divide each side by four. y = (1 – 5x) / 4 becomes the equation. The problem is now solved for y in terms of x because y is isolated.

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