Is It Okay to Drink Old Soda?


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Soda is considered safe to drink up to nine months after the expiration date if the container is unopened, undamaged, and properly kept. This is owing to the numerous additives and chemicals added to carbonated beverages, which enable them to last for an extended period of time. Diet Coke, which has less sugar, can be kept for up to four months after it has passed its expiration date.

Sodas aren’t usually marked with an expiration date. Instead, most soda producers place best-by dates on the cans or cartons. This best-by date indicates how long the manufacturers believe the unopened drinks will maintain their peak quality.

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Expiration Dates vs. Best-by Dates

A best-by date indicates when the soda’s flavour is likely to deteriorate due to its age. An expiration date, on the other hand, warns of a potential health risk if consumed. You can presume that the soda is OK to drink long after the best-by date if there is no expiration date on the label.

Expiration Dates for Different Sodas

Coca-Cola, 7-Up, and Diet Pepsi last six to nine months when unopened, regardless of whether they’re kept in the refrigerator or the pantry. A can of Diet Coke will last a day in either environment once opened, whereas a bottle of Diet Pepsi will survive one to three days in the pantry or two to five days in the refrigerator once opened.

How to Properly Store Soda

Unopened soda drinks should be kept in cool, dark places. If you store the containers away from direct light or heat, and not in a location with changeable temperatures, you can extend their shelf life.

Any leftover soda should be stored in the refrigerator once the container has been opened. The residual liquid in a can should be put into a different container and the lid closed to try to keep the bubbles in.

How to Tell If Soda Is No Longer Good

You’ll know if it’s safe to drink a soda that has passed its expiration date based on your own judgement. Don’t consume it if it isn’t effervescent when you pour it into a glass or if it appears to be watery without bubbles.

As the soda ages, the carbon dioxide content decreases, resulting in a loss of fizz. It has a dull taste, but it is not toxic. However, this is a sign that the drink is past its prime.

It will be flat and taste awful in addition to being flat. Because artificial sweeteners break down chemically after the best-by date, diet sodas taste worse than ordinary sodas. A unpleasant odour is another clue that you shouldn’t drink the soda.

Food with Soda

When used in cuisine, the soda is only as good as the item in the meal with the shortest expiration date, regardless of the best-by or expiration date.