In the Rainforest, What Do Tigers Eat?


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Tigers are carnivores who eat monkeys, wild oxen, boars, antelopes, birds, and other creatures in the rainforest. Tigers prefer to hunt young, weak, or old animals rather than herbivores because they cannot run as fast and are frequently left alone by their herd.

Tigers have been known to prey on other carnivores such as coyotes, foxes, bears, sloth bears, crocodiles, and even leopards due to a lack of food. They may eat young elephants and rhinoceroses as well. When a tiger wanders into a human community, it may prey on livestock and poultry. Humans are only eaten by tigers when they are starving or threatened.

Bengal tigers can be found in India, Bhutan, China, Indonesia, and Bangladesh’s tropical rainforests, while the majority of the population lives in deciduous woods and grasslands. The Bengal tiger is one of the largest of its kind, with black stripes and a darker coat than other tigers. Their striped coats blend in with the woodland floor when paired with the shade of the trees. They have soft padded paws and retractable claws, making it simpler for them to sneak up on prey and strike it rapidly. Bengal tigers have nocturnal vision, which they inherited from their forebears who were saber-toothed tigers. They can forage for food at any time of day or night thanks to their exceptional night vision.

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