In Bdo, How Can I Obtain Rough Stone?


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A natural resource that may be collected through Gathering and utilised as a crafting ingredient. Alchemy and Processing may be used to change it. – Obtaining Information: It may be extracted from any rock on the ground with a pickaxe.

Is it possible for employees to obtain BDO for rough stone?

No, employees will not be able to mine rough stone. To obtain it, you must personally mine rocks (any rocks) rather than ore; for example, feldspar produces mostly rough stones with a possibility of ore (iron ore in the case of feldspar). Outside of settlements, rocks may be found virtually everywhere.

Where can I get rough stone, for example? Rough Stone is a kind of rock. Rough Stone is a type of stone that may be obtained when mining and is used in blacksmithing, engineering, and jewellery making.

People also wonder what you can do with rough stone in BDO.

At the Heidel/Velia blacksmiths, you may turn them in for cp/gathering exp. Use them to make utensils and other crafts, as well as for node battles. For fort repairs, you’ll need to grind them down to polished stones.

What is the best way to obtain black stone powder?

Grinding inexpensive magical crystals using the grinding option on the processing screen is a quick and straightforward approach to produce black stone powder (Press L). The quantity of black stone powder you may receive from each crystal is about the crystal’s price divided by 2000.

Related Questions

What happened to Pilgrim’s BDO?

According to Aal’s will, Valencians refer to them as martyrs, and their present burial location was created in accordance with Aalism’s funeral rite.

The Haven of the Pilgrims

Region Valencia

Contribution points are required.


On a globe map, this location is:

In BDO, where can I mine iron?

Alchemy and Processing may be used to change it. – Obtaining Information: Coastal Cave, Coastal Cliff, Northern Heidel Quarry, Southern Cienaga, Hexe Stone Wall, Abandoned Iron Mine, Akum Rocky Mountain are all places where it may be found. It may be produced directly from Iron-containing ore.

In the dark desert, where can I acquire a pickaxe?

How do you get it?

Workers in tool workshops crafted it.

In some locations, it may be purchased from the Material Vendor.

Obtained as a result of completing quests.

Obtainable by achieving specified goals.

Obtained as part of the game when you buy the more expensive game bundle.

What’s the best way to produce metal solvents?

It may be produced by heating Metal Solvent and Iron Ingots obtained through Alchemy. It necessitates an understanding of Heating: Skilled.

What is the definition of a rough stone?

Rough gemstones are usually crystalline formations that dazzle and shimmer when cut and polished. To begin the identification procedure, look at the gemstone for its mineral form. Reniform minerals, such as hematite, have a shape that resembles that of a kidney.

What is the purpose of black stone?

Snake bites and local illnesses have been treated with black stone since antiquity. Its effectiveness is debatable.

In BDO, how can you manufacture a black crystal?

– How to Get It: On Rough Black Crystal x5, use Heating in the Processing window (L). Processing Rough Black Crystal, which is acquired through mining, yields Black Crystal.