I’m looking for an original Scuba Steve action figure, but I can’t seem to find one.


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Scuba Steve is a fictional toy character created by comedian Adam Sandler for the film “Big Daddy” in 1999. Art Asylum, a New York design studio, created the action-figure prop utilised in the film.

Although Scuba Steve and his Scuba Squad play a little role in the film, they are both made-up characters. On sites like eBay and Zazzle, you can buy novelty goods like T-shirts and coffee mugs with the imaginary product’s logo, but no action figures based on the character have ever been created. According to IMDb, Scuba Steve from “Big Daddy” was inspired by a toy Adam Sandler had as a kid: the Diver Dan action figure, which was a merchandising tie-in for the 1961 animated children’s show of the same name. Diver Dan bath toys are available for purchase at internet merchants under the name Diver Dan, although none of them resemble the Scuba Steve action figure. Hasbro’s Action Man SCUBA Diver and GI Joe Timeless Collection Perilous Rescue Navy Scuba Diver Frogman, both released in 1995 and 2000, are two action figures that are comparable to Scuba Steve in design and are available for purchase on retail sites like Amazon. The majority of toys that suit this criteria, on the other hand, are antique and valued as collectibles.

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