5 Ideas For A Loved One’s Cremation Ashes


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Do you wonder what to do with the ashes of a loved one after cremation?

Not looking forward to keeping it within an urn till the times’ end?

Want to go for a more non-traditional funeral to honour the life and memories of your loved one?

Good for you; many non-traditional options have emerged these days for people who want to do something different with the cremation ashes of their loved ones. Everything is possible if you know your options, from being planted as a tree to turning the ash into art form and diamonds.

To help you down this path, we have researched high and low for you and compiled a list of five unique ideas to honour and memorialise.

5 Unique Ideas for the Cremation Ashes of Your Loved Ones

Being Planted As A Memorial Tree After Death:

Memorial gardens and trees are unique examples of scientific advancement and growth. Human ashes are unsuitable for plant growth when mixed with soil. However, a recent breakthrough has enabled scientists to develop a process that will treat human soil to unlock its living molecules.

So, when the ashes are mixed with soil, it will not only help the plants flourish but will also transfer the deceased person’s energy into the tree and immortalise their soul to keep living for generations.

Being planted as a tree after death is a unique way to remember dear ones and a sustainable and eco-friendly method of memorialising them. Furthermore, memorial forests are protected lands that cannot be used for residential or commercial development or logging anytime in the near future.

Stay at peace and comfort knowing that these memorial plants are a living reminder of your loved one and are beautifully taken care of by the memorial garden management. You can spend time in these landscaped gardens, and there will always be a place for family and friends to spend some time with the person who has passed on.

Scattering the Ashes:

This concept is not as new as memorial gardens and has been around for ages. Scattering ashes is nothing special unless you do it at a meaningful location. It could be private property, on top of the mountain at sunrise, sunset, or at the beach.

But the list does not end here. If you have the resources, you can also opt for aerial scattering over national parks or during an adventure that the deceased person loved the most. Think about their favourite places, activities, or hobbies to brainstorm where to scatter the ash.

Ashes Into Diamonds

If you feel comforted with the idea of keeping your loved one close to you, this is a unique option. Some services in the market offer to turn ashes into genuine, certified diamonds.

These services pressurise the ashes to transform them into diamonds, which are then set into a jewellry of your preference, like a necklace or ring. Diamonds, however, are just one of the jewellery options at hand. You can also turn the ashes into beautiful hourglass pendants.

Ashes Into Glass Artifacts

Glass memorial art is a recent trend capturing everyone’s attention. Artists are now using human ash in a meaningful way to turn them into glass structures on request. These glass structures are chosen to have a significant meaning behind them.

They can range from paperweights to jewellery to glass models of objects that hold special significance for the deceased person.

Apart from that, grieving families can also place an order to turn the cremated ash into small-sized memorial stones that each family member can carry wherever they go.

Fireworks from Cremated Ashes:

If your dear one was a lively personality with a penchant for drama, what better way to bid them goodbye than turning the ashes into fireworks. This is the proper way to go out with a bang.

This is one of the most unique options to do something with the cremated ashes. Turning the ashes into fireworks and lighting them at a reasonable time will create an unforgettable moment where for a little while, you will remember the life and memories you shared with the deceased person.

You will remember their cheerful personality and how it won’t be about grief for a moment but celebrating life.

In Conclusion

Grieving is difficult, and you will need time to process how to move forward. Don’t rush into deciding what to do with cremated ashes. Take your time. Hopefully, if you want to go down the path lesser taken, this guide will help you.

Coming to terms with loss and death is a long process, and memorialising the cremated remains of your loved one might be the key to moving on in life.