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Buying sparkling diamonds, we subconsciously expect them to stay that way forever. Possessing the knowledge that diamonds are the hardest substance in the world we become carelessly sure that they are invulnerable.

But the diamonds set in rings require constant and proper maintenance to stay as beautiful as they are when we first see them. The actions you need to take are not that complicated, and we’re going to tell you all the secrets to keep your diamond ring shiny enough so that it would stun everyone around with its beauty for many years to come.

The first thing you need to do when buying a diamond ring is to get the insurance. It’ll secure your finances if the ring gets stolen or damaged. A lot of diamond jewelry insurances have a requirement to take the ring to the jeweler for a maintenance once in six months or once a year, so read carefully, as they may refuse in compensation if this requirement wasn’t fulfilled.

But it makes a great motivation to get your diamond ring checked every once in a while if you’re too lazy to do it when you have no obligations.

Taking care of a diamond ring you need to make a regular cleaning a part of your routine. Find some time to make a light cleaning of your diamond ring every week. Try to conduct a deep cleaning of the item at least once a month.

Once a year you should take the ring to the jeweler for maintenance and examination, where a professional will make sure your jewelry is in a good state and will bring back its shine.

It’s very useful as the professional examination may reveal loose prongs, damaged metal, cracks on the stone or even prevent the diamond from falling off. It’s better to spend some time and effort once a year than regret a loss. 

Cleaning your diamond jewelry is rather easy regardless of its intricacy, size of the gem, or design. It doesn’t even matter much whether we’re talking about impressive men’s diamond rings or women’s jewelry items. All you need for a light cleaning of your diamond ring is a bowl of warm water, dish soap, soft brush, cotton or linen cloth and polish cloth.

Add dish soap to the water, put a ring inside and gently brush it with a soft brush. The best choice of a brush makes soft toothbrush for kids, eyebrow brush or other makeup one. Carefully check the prongs holding the stone and the back side of your diamond, as most of the dirt is usually gathered there.

Plug the drain in your sink and rinse the ring under running water to wash away the soap and remnants of the dirt. Dry the accessory with a cotton or linen cloth. To get more sparkle of the diamond and luster of the ring metal use the polish cloth, and it’s done.

The steps of the deep cleaning are mostly the same, but for the diamond ring that has a particular amount of dirt you may try adding alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or commercial cleaning solution to the water. But carefully consider the metal and the plating of your ring, as the diamond is able to withstand those solutions, but you can never be sure about the alloys the ring itself is made of.

Some solutions, even the ones specifically made for diamond jewelry may damage the metal and may cause discoloration of your diamond. You may try leaving your ring in the water overnight, which will make the cleaning process easier. Then complete the cleaning with all the steps we’ve described above: brush, rinse, dry, polish.

We would like to insist on you remembering the important DON’Ts considering the cleaning of the diamond ring. Further, we’re going to emphasize the ways you should NEVER try on your diamond ring! Don’t use:

  • bleach or bleach-based products;
  • chlorine products and those with abrasives in them;
  • acetone;
  • toothpaste;
  • hard toothbrush;
  • baking soda.

Those products may damage the metal of your ring and won’t bring the desired result anyway.

The essential part about taking care of your diamond ring is the understanding of the best time to take it off. We realize that it may be hard if your ring is an Affordable Yellow Rose White Gold Diamond Cluster Ring for Men, but there are quite a number of situations you should take care about its safety in order to maintain its beauty and quality, and sometimes the best way to do that is to take the ring off.

But before talking about such situations, we should find a good place for you to keep the ring when it’s not on your finger. Get a nice jewelry box with a cloth lining and make it an unconscious standard to put the diamond ring there and only there in order not to lose it. When you’re going to take part in some sport activities or exercises, take the diamond ring off and put it into the box.

Your jewelry is not the best place for sweat and dirt. Trust me, your ring will still remain in the box while you’re taking a shower after the training, so don’t hurry to put it back on.

If the ring is even a bit loose, you may easily lose it when your finger shrinks in the water. Besides soap, body crèmes, lotions and oils are really hard to remove from the ring, and they make the diamond visibly duller. While you’re about to clean your house, put away your ring.

The products we often use while cleaning typically contain bleaches and other abrasives. You clearly don’t want your house to shine better than your diamond ring, do you?

Swimming is also better without your precious jewelry on. The ring may easily slip from your finger in the water, and even if it doesn’t, the water in the pools usually contain harsh chemicals that are bad for your accessories.

Cooking should also be done without the ring, as grease, dough and other food particles will make it dirty and sometimes even smelly. You wouldn’t like the mud to get your diamond dirty while you’re gardening, so remember that while you’re at it, the ring should await you in the jewelry box.

That’s quite often that you need to part with your favorite jewelry piece, but it’ll make it safer, cleaner and shinier in the end.

The thing you should also avoid while wearing a diamond ring is the abrupt change of temperature. Putting your diamond from extreme cold to warmth and vice versa you’re risking the gem, as it may crack in the result of temperature experiments. 

So the basics of taking care of a diamond ring are the following: wear it carefully, clean it regularly, and take it to the jeweler in time. Those easy rules will result in an absolutely stunning dazzling diamond ring expressing gratitude with a clear brilliant shine that’ll impress everyone in the room.