How to Make your Instagram Profile Stand Out?


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Instagram has over 2 billion active users. How are you supposed to set yourself aside from that crowd? If you’re trying to make it on Instagram to grow your followers, advertise your projects or build your career, then you need to stand out and be recognizable and memorable. So, how can you ensure that your Instagram account catches all the right eyes?

Get Creative

When you’re talking about being noticed, getting creative is one of the best places to start. The most simple way to set yourself apart from the crowd is by visually distinguishing yourself, and you don’t have to be a photography master or a tech wizard to do it!

You can use online tools to make a transparent png, that’s an image with no background layer as if it’s been cut out. Once you have the png, you can be as creative as you like! Put yourself on a cool new background, design a beautiful graphic, make stickers and decals that will be unique to your page. We can give you the tools, but the creativity is up to you! There are numerous tools available on the market if you’re searching for an online photography logo.


The layout is key to building a successful Instagram page. Once you’ve drawn people in, they’re going to click through to your profile, what will they see?

A professional Instagram account will likely have an attractive grid layout that ties the whole feed together. Whether you opt for a checkerboard approach, or you add borders to all of your images, or you pay close attention to your color schemes, there are so many options for great Instagram grid layouts. You just have to pick one style and commit to it.

Keep a Schedule

If you’re looking to get noticed on any social media platform, one of the most important factors is regularity. The last thing you want is to put up a post that does well, then by the time you post again 2 weeks later everybody’s forgotten about your account already. Building traction is like chipping at a mountain, the more you do it, the further you’ll get.

When you’re setting up your schedule, the most important thing is to make it achievable. It can be ambitious if you would like to push yourself, but be sure you are giving yourself enough time to make the new posts, and make them good enough to be posted!

Enhance Your Visuals

Instagram is primarily a visual medium. Users spend hours on end flicking through photos of each other’s lives and any other content that can be shot on camera. A big misstep for many who are trying to gain traction on Instagram is simply not having a good enough visual style.

Why not invest in a photography crash course? Ir just practice for yourself as often as you can and make sure each image you’re taking is coming out as well as it can. Putting the extra work into refining these visual skills can make all the difference on your page, and it could stop a lot more scrollers than ever before.