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Nowadays, almost everything online requires an email to sign up, stay in touch with important updates, or basic communication methods. And while entering your email into everything can be a convenient way to create accounts, it can also be a major contributor to losing track of old email addresses and their related passwords.

If you want to find old email addresses and usernames that you’ve utilized in the past, you may be wondering where the best place to start searching is. Fortunately, our article gives you advice on the best search methods to get started. Using the tips below, you can easily track down your old email addresses and accounts to collect your data, track your online presence, and get rid of those accounts you no longer need.

Why Track Down Old Email Addresses?

Tracking down old email addresses might feel like a waste of time – after all, if you’ve forgotten about the account and don’t use it anymore, what’s the point in finding the exact address? However, finding old email addresses is essential to ensuring your data isn’t spread out over the web, ensuring online privacy, and keeping track of data that companies possess.

When you sign up with a company, enter your email to purchase a product, or create an account with a social media website, your email address information and related passwords are saved by the company.

You may forget about the old email addresses and usernames in favor of new accounts, but it’s important to find old email addresses and close accounts where possible. Not only does this minimize your online presence, an essential step in preventing identity theft and data theft, but it also helps keep your current email inboxes clear and protects your overall online privacy.

Best Methods for Finding Old Email Addresses

There are a few effective methods for figuring out your old email addresses and tracking down old account information. We give you tips on getting started with this process below.

1)   Email Lookup Tools

Email lookup tools are a convenient way to track down old email addresses and online accounts that are associated with certain email addresses. For this search method, simply input the email address you want information about into an email lookup search.

Once you run the search, you’ll get a complete report on who owns the account and any other information associated with the email address. Additionally, you can occasionally see social media accounts or other email providers related to the address in question, which helps you track down your old email addresses.

2)   Utilize a Password Manager

A password manager is one of the best tools for finding old email addresses. If you use an internet browser such as Google Chrome, your passwords will be saved by Google’s password manager as long as you are logged into your Google account while browsing.

You can access your Google password manager by typing that into your browser’s search bar. Once you are looking at the password manager, you can review accounts that have been saved, including old email addresses and the corresponding passwords.

If you aren’t using a Google Chrome browser, don’t have a Google account, or want to utilize something other than Google’s built-in password manager, you can install a password manager extension onto your browser, like LastPass or NordPass. Follow the directions for your specific extension to access saved passwords and emails, and collect old email address information from here.

3)   Search Your Email Inbox

Often, when you sign up for a company’s newsletter, purchase a product online, or create a new online account on a website, you will be sent a confirmation email. You may also be asked to enable a recovery email, which further secures your online accounts.

Find old email addresses by going through your email inbox to locate recovery emails or sign-up confirmation emails that reference old usernames or email addresses that you may have lost. Write down these old email addresses to keep track of them and take the appropriate deletion or recovery steps.

Keeping Track of Your Account Information

Once you’ve found all of the old email addresses you need to, shut down old accounts, and ensured your online privacy is up to date, you should be taking steps to continue keeping track of account information. Careful steps to maintain your information, including new or old email addresses, can ensure that you don’t lose access to accounts or spend extended time searching for these accounts in the future.

Steps to help you keep track of your online account information include:

  • Delete any accounts you don’t use, as this stops companies from having your data and old email addresses floating around the internet.
  • Ensure you have a strong, secure password manager to keep track of all your online accounts. Clean this out and check it regularly to keep track of the accounts you are using and those you don’t need anymore.
  • Save welcome or sign-up confirmation emails from various websites. This helps you track down the accounts you have open if you ever want to figure out old email addresses or usernames.

If you follow these steps in addition to using our helpful search methods above, you should easily find any old email addresses you may have forgotten about and keep track of email addresses or online accounts for future uses.