How Tall Is Tobi Brown?


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How tall is tobi brown? – There is a lot of content on the internet. Infact, after the creation of the internet, it is said that it is quite impossible for us to say that we can watch everything online. A recent study revealed that there is 30 years worth of content on OTT platforms alone.

This study also revealed that if we were to consume content on a daily basis for at least 20 hours, it would take us about 400 years to complete 20% of what’s ever been recorded.

Like you can imagine the number of people that are reading this article with you. It’s not about the reach of the content, because that would be a problem as well.

Even Harry Potter is distributed worldwide, but studies have estimated the fact that only two to three billion people know about Harry Potter. After the Bible, it’s literally the most selling book. Not to forget that there’s 7.5 billion of us.  

Social media platforms like YouTube host content that belong to so many different genres. From PewDiePie that generalizes everything and Mr. Beast with his philanthropy, to Gordon shouting at everyone in hell’s kitchen.

However, we do have gamers and streamers as well. In Asia, we have famous streams like Tanmay Bhatt, Carryminati, ViruSs, Ninja and so many other people. We also have TBJZL, and his team of sidemen which we are going to dissect in this article. 

Who is Tobi Brown?

Tobi Brown is a British YouTuber, and is famously known for his games. Tobi is one of the co-founders of the team sidemen, where they laugh and stream together. He is majorly known for FIFA, and has a Twitch streaming channel, where he regularly streams. He is also termed as an Internet personality.

This is a new term that you may not have heard before, but the point is that he is considered to be a very famous person. Infact he was listed on #38 as the most influential person on the internet.

He gets over half a billion views on his videos, generating an income of more than a million dollars. Most of his videos are gaming videos where he interacts with his gaming buddies, however, the views that he gets on his channel is mainly due to reaction videos.

Reaction videos are a very huge part in the whole sidemen scheme. They regularly sit together and react to YouTube videos, weird Tik Tok videos and other stuff. The odd way in which they laugh, make fun of each other and roast people is what is appealing to the audience.

Brown has a degree, and yet he felt he would be more successful on YouTube. He joined in 2011 with his friend Josh Bradley, who is still a member of sidemen. He also has a brother Manny Brown, who is seen playing football with him, among other things. He is 5 ft and 9 in tall and is pretty average compared to other members of the sidemen. 

Who is KSI in Sidemen? 

The most famous member of the group, KSI is considered to be a genius of making people attracted to him. You must have met people that aren’t as beautiful, although beauty is subjective.

They aren’t as sharp or intelligent either, but the heaviness and the aura that they have is very attractive. You meet them and feel like you met someone really weird and no matter whether you like them or hate them, they still get stuck in your mind.

KSI is exactly the same. His real name is Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji. He also goes by the initials “JJ” and is very good with his skills. He is a wrestling champion, a YouTuber, a comedian, an internet personality, rapper and a musician.

He is 27-year old and started YouTube back in 2009, where he posted videos about gaming platforms, video games, and game reviews. He has achieved over 5 billion views on YouTube and you can guess how much he earns with this.

He is even more famous than Tobi Brown, but as fellow sidemen, we shouldn’t judge them on the basis of their popularity. KSI stands for Knowledge, Strength and Integrity, and this was what his YouTube channel stood for. If you don’t know any of these people, you must have seen KSI videos where he fails to make a good impression on the dating video.

You must have even seen the hype created on the internet which actually led people from all around the world to be hyped about KSI Vs Logan Paul. The video where he won by 58-57 became so famous, that he topped the list of the most influential people online in England. 

How tall are the members of the sidemen? 

If we talk about Tobi Brown, his Wikipedia page shows him to be 5’9. Although, if you regularly watch his videos on Twitch, he did mention that he was over 5’5 but he didn’t give an exact figure.

The footballer Ethan Payne, also known as Behzinga, is about the same height as 5’9. If you see the videos of Behzinga where he talks about his weight loss, it is said that he did get a little taller from losing his weight. Harry or W2S is the youngest member of the sidemen community, and recently he left the team.

Regardless of whether he is officially in the group or not, he is about 5’11. You can still watch his videos on his own YouTube channel, where he regularly posts videos related to gaming. He is a football freak and is seen playing various shots on the channel. KSI on the other hand is the same height as Harry.

KSI is considered to be the most famous among the sidemen, however his personality is a bit problematic. This is because of him sleeping with Talia, and other various issues where Microsoft even banned him. He is said to have sexually assaulted women on the sets of the Eurogamer.

Although he apologized for the same, he is said to hurt the sentiments of many people. Josh Bradley, is as famous as KSI and is said to be one of the founding members of sidemen. He is 6’1 and is the tallest sidemen member.

It was rumored that Josh would leave the group, but it is a foolish rumor, as people joined because of him. Manny Brown was also a part of the group but he left sidemen because he couldn’t stand Behzinga. The two have an unparalleled rivalry.