How Many Bags Of Cement For A 12 Inch Sonotube?


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Sonotube calculator- Suzio York Hill provides the following SonoTube calculator to ensure precise ordering. Based on the established diameter and depth of the sono tubes for a project, The customers may obtain a precise estimate of the amount of ready-mix concrete required to fill any sonotube. Just like this,

For example, a Ten-inch diameter sonotube with a Four-foot depth requires 0.08 cubic yards of concrete. All orders should be double-checked with a sales staff member of our sales staff after using the Sonotube calculator.

What are the specific specifications for sonotube?

 Well, Let’s see if you want to identify concrete needs for your project, use the chart below. The diameters of Sonotube® concrete forms are as follows. 12′′ – 48′′ Sonotube® Finish Free® 6′′ – 36′′ Sonotube® Round 6′′ – 60′′ Sonotube® Commercial Concrete Requirements.

How much cement do I have to use to fill a Sonotube?

 A Ten-inch diameter sonotube with a Four-foot depth requires a 0.08 cubic yard of concrete.

What is the ideal depth for piers?

The minimum depth in warm climates should be 500 mm. However, The story is a little different in Cold Places, As the temperature is already low the piers should be at least 1000 mm deep, the hole must be large enough to fit the pier and the size can vary up to 1200 mm.

How deep are pier and beam foundations?

As the depth can vary from season to season It is safe to say that the foundation depth of the pier and beam foundation can vary from 5-Feet to 6-Feet deep.

For how many bags of concrete do I require a sonotube calculator?

Volume OF CONCRETE is calculated using the formula L x B x H.

By Dividing the total cubic yards required by the yield You will find how many bags you should use.

For every bag size, 011 cubic yards from an 18.1437 Kg Bag.

How much quantity of concrete is required for a Post Hole?

To get the quantity of the concrete that is necessary you have to get some information beforehand, and that is you must know the size of the post, the number of posts required, or the quantity that you are using.

The size of the hole can be calculated by the information mentioned above i.e The diameter and height as we have stated before fence posts are generally three times the diameter of the post, so you have to be careful while calculating the size of your post hole.

How do you calculate the number of concrete piers that are needed?

First and foremost, you must determine the thickness of your concrete.

Then, multiply the length by the breadth to get the square footage.

To receive a real answer and to operate with a known unit system with no errors, you must convert the thickness. As a result, it must be converted from inches to feet by measuring the thickness in inches and then multiplying the thickness by square feet, which will give you the correct answer with no errors.

Do you bury your sonotube in the ground?

No, leaving the Sonotube in the ground indefinitely is not an issue.

How much concrete does a 90-pound bag cover?

How many bags will I require? QUIKRETE® Concrete Mix provides about 0.675 cubic feet for every 90-pound bag. You’ll need 25 cubic feet of concrete, or 37 90-pound bags, for a 3′ by 25′ walk that’s 4′′ thick.

How much Quantity of concrete is required for filling a post hole?

In a mixing tub or 5-gallon bucket, combine two 50-pound bags of concrete with water. Fill the hole and the 4′′ x 4′′ with concrete. Allow 24–48 hours for the concrete to cure, depending on your climate.

What is the area covered by an 80-pound bag of cement?

30 cubic feet of concrete mix equals 60 pounds of concrete mix. A 45-cubic-foot bag containing an 80-pound bag provides. The volume is 60 cubic feet.

How many concrete bags will I need for a pier?

A single 80-pound bag of concrete produces. When combined with 4 quarts of water, it yields 60 cubic feet. You’ll need 1.66 bags of concrete if you buy 80-pound bags of concrete.

What should be the distance between the piers?

In the range of eight to ten feet.