How expensive is a tiger?


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A tiger cub can be purchased for as little as $1,000.

To create the tiger’s new habitat and infrastructure, however, an initial investment of nearly $90,000 may be necessary. An additional $8,000 per year may be required for upkeep.

Tigers cannot be house-trained like other domesticated animals. Even if they are spayed or neutered, they will urinate on everything in their territory, including their owners, to mark their territory. The minimum amount of land required to own a tiger is typically five acres, which must be surrounded by an 8-foot-tall perimeter fence. Each week, tigers eat $200 worth of meat. A veterinarian with experience with large cats is required for the animal’s health. If the tiger must be transported to a veterinarian, a $2,000 cage and a vehicle of sufficient size are required. Additionally, tiger owners require liability insurance, which typically costs about $14,000 annually. As they mature, tigers lose all feelings of affection for their mothers and will kill them if their territory is threatened.

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