How Do You Watch “Dr. Phil” Past Episodes?


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Past episodes of “The Dr. Phil Show” can be viewed online by streaming them directly from the official Dr. Phil website, In the Shows and Video section, look for saved episodes in the Show Archives. To find a specific show or to filter results by time period, use the search bar.

As of 2016, “The Dr. Phil Show” has an online archive with episodes dating back to 2002. Episodes are organised by month and year in the files. Choose a month, such as October 2015, then click to see a list of every episode that aired during that month.

The archives, for example, provide access to 22 shows from October 2015, which are organised by date and show title. Choose a show to watch and click on the title to be taken to a page with a brief overview of the show’s content.

Scroll down the page to find links to the whole episode and related content, such as follow-up episodes and private interviews with the topics. A series of links to shows with comparable issues, such as addictive behaviour, parent-child interactions, or cheating spouses, are located at the bottom of each page.

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