How Do You Alter Your ClassDojo Avatar?


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A student or instructor must be a member of ClassDojo and logged into his account in order to update his avatar. If he is accessing ClassDojo via the web, he must select Customize Monster and update his avatar. When complete, the student or teacher hits the Save button. If using an iOS or Android device to access ClassDojo, the student or instructor should navigate to the image of the monster on the reports page, make any necessary changes, and then tap the blue check mark.

Teachers can also update the preset avatars of their students by opening the class for which they desire to change avatars from the homepage and then selecting Edit Class. Then, they navigate to the student avatar images they wish to modify, click on them, and in the pop-up window, select the desired avatars. After completion, they must click Save.

If instructors prefer to use their own photographs to represent students, they may do so. They must first open the class for which they wish to upload photographs and click Edit Class. They then navigate to the Students menu and choose the avatars they wish to modify. The user then selects + Create Set, gives their set a name, and clicks Save. Teachers then navigate to the Upload Monster option and drag or upload photos into the pop-up window. Once completed, teachers can assign these photos as student avatars.

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