How do I reclaim my old homepage?


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Homepages can be used as a central hub for all of your online activities. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and a blank page are the most popular (about:blank). Many browser add-ons and websites change your default homepage to their own, often without your knowledge. Fortunately, contemporary web browsers make it simple to correct.

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Open the Options menu.

The options for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are found in the menu button (the three lines). Chrome refers to them as Settings, whilst Firefox refers to them as Options. Click the Apple logo at the top of your screen and select “Preferences” for Apple’s Safari browser. The gear icon in Internet Explorer 10 brings up the Action menu, where you may locate “Internet Options.”

The homepage settings can be found here.

The Appearance tab in Chrome controls your homepage settings, whereas the General tab in Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox controls them.

Make a new homepage.

Change the homepage entry in Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox to whatever you want it to be. Under the “Show Home” button in Chrome, select Change. Change the value of “Open this page:” to whatever you want your homepage to be. Alternatively, if you’re using Firefox, drag a browser tab onto your Home button to add it automatically.