How can you get in touch with Verizon Human Resources?


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How can you get in touch with Verizon Human Resources?To reach Verizon’s human resources department, call 800-488-7900 and ask to talk with a representative from the department. HR workers are assigned to different regions by the organisation.

You can also reach the HR department by calling the corporate headquarters at 212-395-1000 or following @VerizonCareers on Twitter. Employees and former employees can also send their requests to the HR department by fax or mail.

You can also communicate with the HR department by going to a physical office. In its North America, Latin America, Europe/Middle East/Africa, and Asia Pacific sectors, Verizon has 150 offices. The company’s headquarters are at 140 West Street, New York, NY 10007. Request to speak with an HR representative at the nearest office.

When requested, the HR department can offer information about current and former workers, including employment verification. It establishes the amount of time that must pass before rehiring a former employee. HR can be contacted about acts of discrimination and aggravation, safety issues, and information about work-related incidents. Job seekers can also inquire about the status of their applications by contacting HR.

The HR department must approve any fundraising or humanitarian initiatives that use the Verizon Wireless name. The HR department is also notified when organisational norms are broken.

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