How Can I Tell If a Pan Is Oven Safe?


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Most cookware has a marking that indicates whether it may be used in the oven. If there are no sign indications, you may still tell if the pan is oven-safe by looking at the material it’s made of. It’s crucial to keep in mind that different materials can survive varying oven temperatures.

Owners can look for a sequence of symbols on the back of the cookware. These markings usually indicate if the cookware is oven, dishwasher, induction cooker, electric cooker, gas cooker, or microwave oven safe.

The sign that indicates oven-safe cookware is widely uniform. Master Cuisine and Tramontina publish listings of the symbols used on their products on their websites. Symbols and marks are comparable across most cookware brands.

It is still feasible to establish whether a pot or pan may be used in the oven if there are no symbols on the back of the pan or if the symbols have faded with use. Rachel Ray presents a list of common handle materials, as well as their maximum oven temperatures.

Cookware with plastic components or a non-stick coating should not be placed in the oven as a general rule since these materials melt at high temperatures.

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