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As we move out of the cold winter here in the US, your thoughts are probably veering towards summer fashion trends; as a fashion leader in the world, the US market is on everyone’s mind. We talked to some of the top US fashion journalists about the coming summer and here are the best of their thoughts.

Fringes Are Everywhere

Jackets, trousers, blouses, even boots have fringes and tassels, which is very much the cowboy influence, with stunning going out dresses that are fringed. Expect to see lots of rich colors and even some contrast to emphasize the fringes and long fringes are in! Check out some of the top fashion mags and see how fringes are being shown; you can make your own and add them to jackets, jeans and even dresses.

Sweatshirts Are in 

The sweatshirt has been with us for a few decades and hoodies are popular this spring, with some exciting prints and rich colors. The pandemic ushered in the ultra-casual look that you would wear around the house and the fad has remained to this day! Matched with tracksuit bottoms and Addidas trainers, you have the perfect casual outfit to wear at the shopping mall or the park.


Rebranded as ‘low rise waist’ hipsters really do show off your midriff section and the online designer dress boutique has you covered; most clothing retailers have hipster denim in stock, just make sure you order the right size!

Chunky Jewelry 

Who doesn’t have a few chunky bracelets in their jewelry box? If you need to buy more, the online jeweler offers sterling silver jewelry at very affordable prices. Ankle chains are popular in many US states, so get online and start searching for silver jewelers that make sterling silver chunky jewelry. If you are planning to marry soon, here is a blog about bridesmaids that you should read.

Capes Have Arrived 

Batman style capes are going to be seen on the NY catwalks; typically, black velvet with sequins and glitz to glamorize your look. Check out the top fashion mags and you’re bound to see a few capes that are embellished with lots of glitzy decor.

Big Bags

The bigger the better and all the more space for all the stuff we carry around with us in the 21st century; huge soft shoulder bags with thick neon colored straps, with a cord tie up. Duffle bags were a big hit in the 1970s and 80s and they are back with a bang! Shoulder bags will be in bright colors, with thick fabric (or chain) strap

Short Shorts 

You can’t get much shorter than briefs and these will be all the rage on the beaches this summer, for both guys and girls. Legs are on show this summer and don’t be surprised if you see mini skirts on display.

The spring/summer collection in 2024 is a continuation of the previous year in many respects and now that you know what is trending, Google will take you to designer clothing sites where you can indulge and see what is coming out that you have already.

Online Clothing Retailers

If you want the best brands at affordable prices, the online clothing retailer has you covered; they don’t have the huge retail store costs and this is reflected in their pricing. You can save as much as 40% on designer labels, plus they have season sales; bookmark the top boutiques and visit often, looking at new arrivals and stock clearances. You have the same rights as if you purchased in a traditional store, click here for consumer info. Shopping online is a breeze, if you like to take your time, leave items in the basket and they’ll be there when you next login. When you walk into a plush boutique in the mall, whatever you buy, you are paying for the glamorous setting; ordering online is the best solution and wrong sizes can be returned no hassle.

We all want to stand out in the crowd and if you have a fashion heads-up for this summer, you will be the girl that turns heads. Now is the time to get some hair extensions experiment with styles and have a look at your jewelry collection.

The summer will be full of color and girls will be showing flesh!