5 Gift Ideas for Kids That Are Incredibly Useful & Fun


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Does shopping for your kid have you biting your fingernails? Is seeing that face light up something you live for? All in all, finding the perfect gift can be an overwhelming affair. Below, we’ve curated a list of useful but fun gifts that every personality type would love to unbox under the tree or find in the front yard. Whether your kid is an art buff, an outdoor aficionado, or anything in between, these ideas will earn you the title of the best gift-giver ever.

1. Original Rainbow Loom

One item on this list that’s timelessly awesome is the original Rainbow Loom. Given that this product encourages creativity, patience, and focus, it’s no surprise that parents are still raving about it 12 years since its inception. An award-winning toy that’s safe for kids eight and ups, it’s exactly what you need to keep your child engaged and smiling for hours.

2. Action Camera

For the tween who loves exploring the outdoors, this oh-so-cute camera is perfect. They can take pictures and record videos anywhere with ease — even underwater. This digital camera features different cartoon sketches, effects, and frames, allowing your kid to bring out their creative side when picking adorable and fun frames for their snaps.

3. Wireless Headphones

If your preschooler or tween is always borrowing your headphones, then you can’t go wrong by getting them their own pair. The cute and foldable design makes these headphones easy to carry, and its universal compatibility feature means that it works with virtually any smartphone, computer, or tablet.

That said, most headphones on the market are not safe for kids since they have unregulated loudness levels, which can lead to permanent hearing damage in the long run. So when shopping for kid’s headphones, pick a pair with the volume-limiting features as standard.

4. Stylish Clothing and Shoes

If the special girl or boy in your life appears to stay on top of the latest clothing and shoe trends, then gifts for shoe lovers are what you need to focus on. Consider taking them on a shopping spree and letting them pick the latest in fashion.

If you’re pressed for time or are looking for really cool and unique clothing and shoe gift ideas, Finish Line can help; you’ll be glad you found it just in time for the holiday season.

5. World Map Coloring Tablecloth

If you’re shopping for a young artist, then the chances are quite good that they have already experienced the fun and thrill of the classic painting kit. However, what is less likely, is that they’ve had the opportunity to showcase their talent on a world map coloring tablecloth.

This surprisingly affordable and wow-worthy cotton product is particularly great for improving geography knowledge. Keep your favorite humans busy and smiling at the table during dinner as they color and explore our wonderful Mother Earth in all its entirety, from perfectly drawn countries to animals and landmarks.

If you’re asking whether the ink stays on forever once the map is colored, the answer is a resounding no. Simply wash it in warm water and it’ll wear off completely. Then your kid can get artsy and crafty yet again. 

The Perfect Gift Exists

Sometimes, shopping for a kid isn’t as hard as some people say. Just ask. Cleverly get your kid to tell you what gift they’d like to get for the upcoming holiday season or birthday. Good luck with becoming the best gift-giver the world has ever seen.