Giani Bernini Handbags: What Are They?


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Giani Bernini is a handbags brand. May Department Stores in St. Louis, Missouri, owns the Giani Bernini trademark, and the Giani Bernini brand includes leather purses for both casual and formal occasions.

Giani Bernini handbags come in a variety of styles. Tote bags are great for carrying a lot of stuff and are often used by folks on the go. Credit card slots and wristlets for holding cellular phones are included in Giani Bernini clutch purses. The glazed leather hobo, which includes a faux crocodile accent stripe and strap, is one of the products. A silver pendant hangs from the front of the purse. Giani Bernini’s glazed leather dome satchel is larger than the hobo bag and comes in black, brown, wine, and blue colours. The purse includes a top-zip clasp and silver hardware.

Giani Bernini’s Annabelle Signature collection has a monotone grey style with two side-slip pockets. Giani Bernini also has a tote, crossbody, and satchel collection of block trademark handbags. A Giani Bernini bag with the block signature design is also available. These items have a Giani Bernini charm and brown accents. Macy’s sells Giani Bernini handbags, and Shop Style has a selection of Giani Bernini handbags as well.

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