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Get Your Kids Closer to Nature and Away From the Digital World


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In our busy lives, we wake up to the sound of the alarm clock, work in offices looking at screens, and spend the rest of the time streaming Netflix series at home. Unfortunately, our kids are slowly learning this lifestyle, and it’s affecting them too. Unfortunately, this has increased the chances of ADHD and results in anxiety in children from a young age.

As responsible parents, we should make it a point to spend the maximum time outdoors with our kids. Furthermore, it is our responsibility to introduce our kids to nature. Spending time amongst nature has innumerable benefits. This guide will discuss how our kids could spend time with nature and reduce screen time.

Simply be in nature with no other distractions.

One of the best things we can do for our kids is to let them sit and observe the nature surrounding us. We should not be too much into teaching them things related to nature. It is best that we forget about the teaching moments. Instead, discover various interesting places in your garden and bring them to your kid’s attention.

For instance, if there is a creek nearby, call your kids and show it to them. Allow your kids to enjoy the breezy morning. Help your kid to spot squirrels, frogs, and birds. In short, let your child explore nature and enjoy its beauty.

Though you should not be making it a learning session but your kids ask you questions, do answer them in the most interesting way so that your kid is curious to know more about the other related things.

Collect specimens

Ask your kids to carry a small container or bucket so that they can collect rare items, if any. They can collect rocks, leaves, sticks, stones, and whatnot. For example, doing something while exploring the garden would turn it into an interesting search activity! It is an even better idea to carry a magnifying glass. Role-playing as archaeologists and finding stuff can be a great and fun activity for young children.

Kids can even build cubby houses in their gardens. The best part is kids can rebuild them anytime, and parents can even help kids with this. You can choose from a wide variety of cubby houses online. It is an amazing idea to nurture the bond with your child and let them spend more and more time outside, away from the digital world.

Make time for unstructured outdoor play.

Studies have shown that kids between the ages of 8 and 18 spend a minimum of 6.5 hours per day plugged in electronically. That comes to 45 hours a week, which is too much. It is therefore important to reduce screen time and spend it on nature.

In addition, kids can play various outdoor sports in different seasons throughout the year. For instance, playing badminton during winter mornings is a great idea, or going for a swim during the summer.

Indulge in gardening

Parents can encourage their kids to plant new garden flowers or vegetables. Parents can assist them and make this activity furthermore interesting. Once your kid takes an interest in gardening, this is sure to become a regular practice.

It is a good idea to plant different types of vegetables in different seasons of the year. In this process, parents can also teach their kids the importance of food.

Get organized

Parents can also introduce their kids to a lot of clubs and organizations that organize various campaigns related to nature. This will allow your kids to make new friends and increase their interest in these local communities. .

As parents, we should also encourage our kids to be active participants in protecting the environment. If you can involve your entire family, it will be even better.


Parents are role models for their kids. If we are not responsible, how will our kids be? It is pretty simple. As role models, we must portray our passion and love for the world around us instead of being oblivious to nature and spending hours after hours streaming content online.

Encourage your kids to learn the same. Express your happiness when you are around nature. Why don’t you take your kid on a hike and collect treasures along the way?

Being surrounded by nature just feels good. Nature gives you the freedom to move around, run, jump, walk, explore and do a plethora of things peacefully. These emotions often cannot be felt indoors. Spending time more in nature reduces stress, tension, restlessness, and anxiety.