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A special welcome to Grocery Diaries and its new series which illustrate just how varied and personalized “healthy eating “really is.

There is the different common factor which impacts the choices and we ensure at this store such health condition, access, and affordability.

Apart from that people individual cultural and other make it simple. Hence we force people all over the world to share the grocery list that they buy.

Here how much do you spend and what they can buy for and much more.

What health conditions concerns over they thinking about when they pick for this Grocery Diaries installment and much more.


Some people are filled with many years of experience in cooking as just another chore and it is one of the adventures.

Most of them like to cook something new once a week and I wish to buy ingredients.

I never used such things before and experiment with them.

She told SELF and Emily always find out a new method to bring out the new recipes and now that she works from home in a safer manner.

She loves cooking and she is the silver lining of a pandemic is that it gives me more time to cook than take a little more time as she said.

As per the week, she gets sticks to eating dishes she familiar with cooking and saves new recipes for the weekend.

Emily is a first-generation Taiwanese American and recreating with her mom’s recipes which bring back a lot of happy childhood memories.

She checks a Chinese turnip cake which she loved as a kid. It never nailed to consistency but it has trails which delicious and I never wait to get a pass over these recipes and she says.

By every month, Emily and her husband and Adam, drive 30 minutes to buy different items like Kim chi at their local H Mart, Asian supermarket.

We come back with 50 bags and she asks that outside of that the couple shops at their local supermarket and their supported agriculture programs.

It has a list of the 10 items picks up in a typical grocery tip.

1. Nongshim Chapagetti Chajang Noodle:

 My day picks to the Chinese restaurant and we have Zhajiangmian “Emily grew up in Michigan and she told me one of the favorite childhood memories.

She learned chapagettic which was prepared by the Korean food manufacture Nongshim which is the same as Zhajiangmia after watching the move parasite.

Then she takes it by every few weeks when she wants an easy take a meal.

2. Vegetable:

 Emily loves to purchasing favorite vegetables at grocery stores and Adam and she love cabbage which is considered as the favorite vegetable.

The people who dislike it or do not think about the pits. It’s nice to have a mix of warm and then some colder vegetables over the top of the cucumber and tomatoes.

3. Fresh Ginger:

I just love ginger which loves the spiciness and it clears up sinuses and also gives a proper refreshing.

Emily uses ginger in dressing, drinks often and it makes a warm drink of grated, honey, and with hot water.

4. Avocados:

 It is out to buy over the store with fresh and it always one ready to earth.

She used it in the tacos, grain bowls, and other smoothies. It is due to shed enjoy the flavor and texture. They feel like a little bit of luxury to add to our diet which rich and filling.

There is a good reason that she feels comfortable after eating avocados. And it is a good source of monounsaturated fat so the body takes time to digest them.

5. Chobani Greek Yougurt Whole Milk Plain

 She loves to choose full-fat yogurt because and it is thicker and richer. Emily says.

The couple wishes to go with yogurt in form of the lieu of sour cream or the sauce a it is a little lighter and tangier which is more versatile and use in savory and sweet dishes.

6. Surprise Item:

 She split their shopping item and it assures to meet back at the checkout counter with unplanned items on each.

It is just a small item to treat each other at this time and it remains more interesting at this stores. They have surprised each other with Cheetos wine as well as cheesecake.

7. Honey Crisp Apples:

 Emily buys a variety of fruit which has bananas and berries. among them, her favorite fruit is crisp apple and I think because my dad ate them a lot and it did too she says that it was documented Asian expression of love to cut d fruit for all loved ones.

8. Chobani Oat Plant-based Milk:

 Emily and Adma buy different types of milk to use in tea and savory recipes. She prefers oat milk and Adman who like tastier almond milk.

 Some plant-based milk can think a little thicker in a way that is not enjoyable in cereal.

9. Organic Brown Egg:

Eggs are commonly used over the top of different dishes and they include runny fried effects. Emily and Adam love to take such yolky eggs which assure to break at the time of cut.

Then it adds a layer of creaminess or richness which feels yummy.

10. Herbs:

She loves to buy herbs and parsley which helps to transform simple meals. I love that way to herb can brighten up a dish and it adds an extra layer of freshness and depth of flavor.

Apart from that scallions and eggs is most in any form.


On following the above words, there is a list of 10 common items picked by Emily from the Grocery store.