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Are you wondering to attract maximum audiences to your finance blog? There are various personal blog offerings, including personal finance, financial advice, and money management.

You’ll find personal finance essential to be the best finance blog if you want to reach the maximum audience’s goal to attract any new websites/brands. Those who want to showcase their talent and want to improve their skills online will find this opportunity beneficial.

Keep reading this article further to know what a guest contributor should know about writing contents. 


If you’re the guest contributor, you must write on relevant topics for which you won’t get paid, but you’ll benefit from it. You’ll have no time limit to write posts, and you can write numerous posts.

You can utilize your writing guest posts to reach the editorial guidelines with unique and fresh information for any vital topics related to – personal finance, money-saving tips, insurance, investments, and more. When you know about the demand of the editor, then writing contents becomes easier.

Those who aren’t aware of guest posts must know that it is a win-win situation between the guest contributor and the targeted publication trusted by the audience that would benefit both parties.

As a guest contributor, you’ll get the opportunity to showcase your expertise in that particular field which sounds incredible, isn’t it?

It’s all fun and writings until you remember that our company won’t publish whatever you are writing until it fulfils our demand. 

Finance write for us- What to know? Guidelines

As a guest writer, you should provide quality information on various topics that especially prioritize finance. So, while writing a guest post related to finance, it should include one of the topics: Budgeting, Mutual fund, Debt Control, Investment, Basic bank, Home insurance, life insurance, tax, Estate planning, and others. 

  • The company accepts those guest posts from the sites that offer services or products.
  • The post or work should be 100% unique, original, informative and plagiarism-free. Also, it would be best if you kept in mind that the centre, once published on a site, must not be posted on some other sites. 
  • Links from any relevant sources are allowed to provide with the write-ups. Also, the writers need to link the articles already present on the targeted website. 
  • As a guest contributor, you need to write 1500 words using proper layout, and you must include headings, sub-headings, and images in it. If the writers can write articles above 2000 will get better appreciation. Also, for mutual benefit, you need to share the URL of your guest post in all your social media accounts. Moreover, quick research is required before you write any position to be available on any sites.
  • Content related to personal finance will appreciate more that has quality research and are well-written so that the targeted audience could learn more about finance. 
  • The writing style for the guest writer should be semi-formal, and it must be clean, innovative, and with an example to provide more idea about the topic. 

Writing Format for the guest writer

Before writing any guest post, you must keep in mind that financial blogs have their platform and are utterly beneficial to the authors and the publishers. So, the following format that we will be listing out below is vital, and you must sincerely follow each format while writing a post. 

  • It would be best if you wrote clear, readable, and understandable to the targeted audience.
  • While writing, instead of extending a paragraph, you can break lines to split it. 
  • You do not have to use unnecessary filler words while writing any finance blog.
  • Your content will look relevant, organized and straightforward if you use headings like H2, H3, etc.
  • Search for the information from more than one website, and use bullets for essential information so that your content will be easy to read.
  • Before you submit your content, cross-check what you’ve written, whether the grammar and spellings are appropriate, and the information that you’ve provided is accurate. 

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How you have to submit your finance guest post? 

Before you apply for a guest writer, you must know what the job of a finance writer is. You must already have a fundamental clue that a finance writer creates contents for print and digital publications related to education and market commentary.

Also, writers need to comment on various social platforms by expressing their opinions on that particular topic. 

The Educational or teaching content includes various topics related to financial issues to different study guides, textbooks, and other study materials assigned by any particular university.

Several finance publishers tend to hire the people working in that specific field as their employees. 

Primarily, the guest writers work for the publishers as freelancers and submit their writings through the internet.

These days we’re getting well-qualified and skilled writers are in high demand so, it’s not surprising that you’d have to work for evenings and weekends to find one. 

What qualifications you’d need to become a Finance writer? 

There’s no such education requirement for becoming a finance writer, just like other financial professionals, as each publication has different taste and needs. But, it is crucial to have a four-year university degree to become a finance writer with a major in business, digital media, or journalism. 

  • Education of a Finance Writer: If you want to improve your skills in this field as a writer, you can appear for specific courses, attend seminars and various conferences at any schools, or even take help from online sites. In most cases, you won’t need a master degree for a finance guest writer. 

But, if you are eager to earn more through this profession, having a master’s degree in journalism, economics, finance, or management would help you get connected with the best publishers. 

  • Experience of a Finance Writer: Before deciding to become a finance writer, you must have gone through various online information. You might have noticed that few guest contributors in the finance department have experience in the securities industry.

We can conclude that those writers have previously involved in the retails details department or with the institutional securities dealers, portfolio managers, or others. And, the following provides an experience for the buyers and sellers. Or, we can say some of them might have worked with editors, producers, reporters, and more. 

  • Everyday Context: By understanding the above points, we can say that those writers will have several connections and sources, especially in the securities industry. Also, these writers will be able to explain topics related to finance better than any non-experience writer. 

It is vital to know that you can still become a finance writer even without any experience in the securities industry and journalism. But, you’ll face many difficulties while writing any finance content without any experience in that particular field. 

Financial writers must utilize their personal experience in learning and educating themselves to produce their work faster. Suppose you are not having any experience or education in that field. In that case, you’d need to do a lot of research and gather relevant information to get quality work similar to those experienced in this field. 

Skills needed by the finance writers

Our requirements for a finance writer are simple, and you must be like a reporter asking valuable questions and providing objective and vital information through your writings. 

  • As a finance guest writer, you must have a basic understanding of finance, insurance, and others related to this particular field.
  • You must have the skills to show your passion, ideas, and creative skills through your writings to attract the targeted audience.
  • You must explain complex contents related to finance and must know to communicate with the audience quickly. 
  • While writing the content, you mustn’t compromise with the quality of your writing.

Our primary concern is to provide value through the blogs. So, the guest contributor we are looking forward to working with must help our targeted audience by providing intelligent and valuable financial solutions. 

What happens after the approval of your finance guest posts? 

We would need approximately one or two weeks to publish the guest posts approved by the editor. The guest contributor will get notified once their posts get approval from the company; if not, the writer will get notified of the reasons for rejection.

Our company has their demand, so you should know what their requirements are and try to fulfil them through your writings. 

The whole procedure for getting approved, submissions, and others will take a couple of weeks to finish the publication of the guest post.

As a guest writer, you must know that you should target to reach new customers and attract them with the writings to boost the website’s traffic. Most importantly, you won’t see your guest posts published if the publisher doesn’t find them a value for their company. 

Wrapping Up 

I hope you’ve got enough information and help from this particular article, and as a guest contributor, you’ll keep all the things suggested above in your mind.

As a writer, you need to make sure that the information you’re providing is unique and relevant to attract more audience to that particular platform. You’ll be able to showcase your expertise through the opportunity you got for writing guest posts. Contact us for Finance write for us guest post submissions.