The Favorite Hamilton Ventura Watches to Celebrate Events


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The Hamilton Ventura was a truly revolutionary watch upon its release. While Richard AR bib’s largely unique case design catches the eye, it was not Ventura’s real party piece.

Ventura’s true claim to fame came as his star in Elvis Presley’s 1961 film Blue Hawaii. While a product placement was firstly designed between Hamilton and the film’s directors, Elvis took to the water like a duck. After switching the leather strap for a bracelet (a move many of us watch lovers would approve of), Ventura became one of his daily wearers.

In fact, he loved the watch so much that he was known for giving them as gifts to friends and family. At Christmas 1965 he bought an alternate Ventura, this one a white gold variant with a black dial. Find out the top-quality hamilton ventura watch options are available here.

That particular watch was with him for the rest of his life and now resides in the Hamilton gallery with its original damage. For this reason, Ventura has com an icon of the postwar period in America.

With January 8th being Elvis’ birthday, it is a quick list of my favourites in the Ventura lineup in honor of the King.

Hamilton Ventura S Ref. H24251330

This just-released replication of Hamilton Ventura is a melting pot of ultramodern and quaint cues. The crown and by extension the case and dial remind me of the reverse of a 1963 Chrysler Turbine auto-car.

Unlike that jet edge marker, the dial is a much more ultramodern touch. The texture is unlike anything I have seen, combined with the vision of a textured triangle within a larger triangle itself to produce a veritably cool visual effect. Offered in black or white with a flat matching colour swatch, it’s ready for everyday wear.

Hamilton Ventura Quartz Ref. H24411232

Nominated like a watch worn by Elvis himself, it lives up to the original design. While it uses a more advanced quartz movement, it has the entire right indicator: silver-tone integrated expansion strap, blotches for the hour indicators, dauphin hands, and the iconic hand curled line in the center of the dial.

The asymmetrical case is larger than the original model at 32.3 mm x50.3 mm, but do not let those specs wisecrack you- it wears a lot further modestly. However, it does not get much better than this, If you are in the request for a touch of old-academy cool apparel Price is 845 USD.

Hamilton Ventura Chrono Ref. H24432751

With Chrono, Hamilton took Ventura in a fully different direction. While the brand offers it in PVD gold with a white dial, I am partial to the standard pristine interpretation. Available on both a black leather shin swatch and a matching silver bracelet, the Panda dial combines the sense of the original Ventura with other style sandglasses from the 1960s including Hamilton’s own Instamatic.

While I know some” sticklers” will wish for an automatic movement, a quartz movement is eventually more true to Ventura’s roots. Not only is it easy on the eyes, but the added sundial and date functionality is a great little perk with the Price $995 USD.