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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are one of the emerging trends in real estate today. It allows homeowners to use their property best while securing multiple benefits. For the longest time, ADUs were forgotten and had become a part of the past.

However, looking at the benefits of ADUs, they are becoming a reemerging trend. And thankfully, some recently updated regulations have made it possible for homeowners to make the best of their property legally.

Let’s dive into the benefits and reasons that will make your reconsider the effective use of your property.

1. Earn Passive Income

As a homeowner, it may be one of your dreams to see the future without the curse of mortgage payments. Not just that, the increased utility expenses make everyone wonder about ways to earn a passive income if you are living in LA. 

It may be difficult for some homeowners to be comfortable renting their place and losing oversight. However, a well-designed ADU Los Angeles can give you the opportunity to earn a passive income without losing the oversight of your home.

You can set it up as a long-term rental or explore short-term options such as an Airbnb or a vacation spot.  

2. Boost Property Value

Home maintenance is one part of boosting the value of your property, but having an ADU opens new doors of opportunity for homeowners. An ADU adds to the practicality and maximizes the right use of space, hence adding to the overall value of your home.

Therefore, if you ever consider selling your home in the future, an ADU can help you sell faster and at a better price. The new buyers will be attracted to the benefits of ADU either for their larger families or the opportunity of a steady passive income.

3. Add Visual Aesthetic

An ADU allows homeowners to add to their property’s aesthetics. With the latest home ideas and ADU interior design ideas, you can make the best use of your property while making it look stunning at the same time.

Of course, adding an ADU to your property is much different from a plain cottage. So you can feel free to play with your ideas. If you feel like your home is not an embodiment of your dreams, creating an ADU allows you to make it real this time. Again, not to forget that aesthetics increase the value of the property.

4. Create a Space for Loved Ones

Everyone is aware of the struggle to drive up to their parents and get the opportunity to see them only once in a while. Similarly, parents with adult children are also concerned about the well-being of their children if they are away.

An ADU allows you to let your loved ones be closer to you. It becomes significantly easier for you to check up on them while providing them with privacy. Hence, an ADU will give you peace of mind by having your loved ones close by. 

5. Make a Dedicated Workspace

Whether you want to write a book or run a small business, everyone needs a comfortable workspace at their homes. However, with distractions in your home, especially younger children running around, it can become hard to focus and work dedicatedly.

On the other hand, creating an ADU and using it as a dedicated workspace can be very beneficial for you. You can develop and nurture ideas freely from the comfort of your home.

The recent pandemic has shown everyone the importance of having a dedicated workspace and a productive work environment at home. Getting an ADU constructed at your property can become a suitable alternative to working in an office.