6 Best Electric Bikes for Women that Let You Cycle


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There are several reasons to get an electric bike as a woman. They could help you bike more and drive less. They could also help you go much faster, coupled with the fact that they are embedded with a lot of fun!

However, there are too many electric bikes in the market, and it is not easy to know where to start from or what to look for before choosing an electric bike. Hence, there are unique considerations to put in mind, especially for being a woman.

A multitude of top electric bike models have been tested, surveyed, reviewed, and researched so as to arrive at the best e-bikes suitable for the female gender. They are comfortable e-bikes for women with strong motors and durable batteries, with those that provide the possibility to transport cargo like groceries.

Those are just a sneak peek into the features you can enjoy from the best women’s electric bicycle that will be discussed in this article.

6 Best Electric Bikes for Women that Let You Cycle

Canyon Grail ON CF 7 E-Bike

This is an awesome bike for off-roading adventures. It has an amazing battery range with a strong electric motor and a long-lasting carbon steel frame that takes pride in a low bar that is stiffer than average. It gives stability during descents and sprints.

It has a wholly optimized cockpit to offer comfort to the female frame, along with a seatpost that does excellent work in absorbing vibrations.

Although the tires usually succeed on gravel and off-road terrain, they can slightly slide on smooth surfaces like asphalt. Hence, you should take that into consideration. Likewise, the Shimano hydraulic disc brakes perform an excellent job buffering any sliding you may experience. This is because it has incredible stability, like the ideal adult tricycle.

Liv Thrive E+ 1 Pro Electric Bike

This Liv Thrive E+ 1 Pro is a unique electric bike for women that is characterized by a Giant EnergyPak Smart 375 lithium battery pack that has the capacity to ride up to 70 miles just on one charge. It also features the proprietary PedalPlus pedal-assist technology that utilizes six sensors to change the required assistance level automatically as you ride.

Its gravel tires are successful on virtually all terrain types, and the Shimano hydraulic disc brakes are of admirable quality. Besides, this electric bike is averagely heavy and weighs above 40 pounds.

It also has a walk-assist technology that can help to walk it up the ramps. In addition, although the Liv Sport saddle is easily replaceable, it is pretty rigid.

Lapierre Esensium 300 Electric Bike

This bike has been uniquely designed from the ground up so as to fit the form and shape of females. It also has an ultra-lasting multi-alloy frame with a comfortable saddle. It is extremely light as it weighs only about 30 pounds, while its two wheels are excellent on asphalt, pavement, and some other types of terrain.

The disc brakes give much stopping power, including during stormy weather conditions. However, although the motion of the electric bike is fantastic at accelerating and climbing hills, it is essential to note that the e-bike reaches its maximum at 15.5 miles per hour.

In the same way, based on the rider’s weight, the battery can reach between 50 and 60 miles for every use. However, it can not be easily removed for the purpose of charging remotely. Yet, it is one of the best electric bikes for women.

Ancheer Electric City E-Bike

This electric bike is available at affordable prices while delivering features associated with higher-priced competitors, like a gear-shifting system with six speeds. This six-speed gear shifting system is usually used to ascend steep inclines as well as a solid lithium-ion battery which is capable of getting to anywhere from 35 to 40 miles on one charge.

Its dual front and rear mechanical disc brakes provide sound-stopping power, including the long-lasting aluminum alloy frame. Furthermore, the battery takes about six to eight hours to charge fully, but it is a beautiful gift for women who are a little bit old.

Cube Kathmandu Hybrid 45 Electric Bike

This is an electric bicycle for women which has a feature set that is nifty and it is of high quality. It has a suspension fork suitable for a comfortable ride, and its disc brakes are so efficient that it gives room for easy stops through a wide range of terrain types.

Its line speed motor boasts a maximum speed of about 20mph, and the aluminum alloy frame is not merely strong, but it also features a room inside for the purpose of attaching another battery. This will then result in a more extended maximum range.

Trek Dual Sport + Electric Bike

This electric bike has been designed to continue ticking, thanks to a custom-designed aluminum alloy frame characterized by an internal cable routing with mounts built for racks and a mudguard.

Its drivetrain performs excellently through several terrain types, and the removable lithium battery is of outstanding quality. The battery charges fast and, at the same time, provides dozens of miles of use for every charge.

In addition, its front-facing headlight produces sufficient light to ride at night, and this electric bike is highly durable.

Buying an Electric Bike for Women

Before you buy an electric bike that women will easily cycle with, you should take into consideration the three different classes of e-bikes that are available. The classes are known as Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 e-bikes. Class 1 and 3 are often called pedal assist bikes because they will still need you to pedal so as to propel forward.

On the other hand, the Class 2 e-bikes may feature a throttle that works without needing you to pedal. This can be helpful before you take off again from a stop, particularly if the bike is heavier or is transporting cargo.

All three classes are often allowed in many states and cities without special licenses. However, there are different laws and regulations per state and municipality. Thus, ensure you check out the e-bike rules for your chosen state.