Donnie Swaggart Lives In What Kind Of House?


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According to the Los Angeles Times, Donnie Swaggart resides in a mansion in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, that was reportedly valued $726,000 in 1988. The mansion is part of the Swaggart family’s fenced-in compound, which also includes Donnie’s father Jimmy.

Jimmy Swaggart’s son, Donnie Swaggart, is a well-known evangelist and preacher. Donnie, like his father before him, has dedicated his life to spreading the gospel and running his father’s enterprise.

The Los Angeles Times reported in the late 1980s that Jimmy and Donnie Swaggart had taken out large loans from their ministry to build big residences on their private lot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Donnie is said to have borrowed $410,000 to construct his home.

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