Do SnowDogg Plows Have a Good Reputation?


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On, Snowdogg ploughs get a lot of positive feedback. The majority of consumers believe the machine is simple to set up and performs well when it comes to back-dragging. According to the few bad reviews, the hoses wear out rapidly and there are some wiring issues.

The majority of individuals who purchase new or used Snowdogg ploughs are pleased with their overall performance and longevity. Consumers claim that the plough works for private driveways and ploughing more than 20 driveways in a single storm, in addition to ploughing snow on the road. When there is ice beneath the snow, users report that plough work becomes more difficult.

Negative reviews of Snowdogg ploughs mention worn out or blown hoses, particularly hydraulic hoses, and advise that hoses be kept solely indoors. According to other evaluations, the cutting edge wears out rapidly and the deflector is prone to breaking. The poly substance should be replaced with rubber, according to customers. Another common problem is with the wiring of the plough hydraulic connection; even with zip ties around the connectors, some customers say that the oil leaks and that finding the source of the leak can be difficult.

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