Do I have to buy Minecraft again for Windows 10? 


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Buying Minecraft again for windows 10 – The world of gaming has certainly changed since the last century. There is VFX, virtual gaming, virtual reality today that is very different as compared to what we used to see in the past.

We used to play with clay figurines and wooden toys, and from there, we jumped to physical games such as cricket and basketball. However the art of gaming completely changed when it came digital, and everything related to the game actually hooked people to the screens.

I am myself a gamer and I have seen people being addicted to games, which is not a good addiction. 

However, the feeling that you get on defeating the final boss, or making your own iron sword in Minecraft is something unique. You cannot exactly describe the feeling that you get when you conquer dungeons in a game, to obtain, meet, and build your own world.

Open world games like Minecraft,  where you have complete control over everything, makes Minecraft one of the best games in the world. Minecraft is currently in question because of the latest update of Windows 10, and let us look into the matter and analyze it in a question and answer format.

Do you have to buy Minecraft again?

No. The simplest answer would be to tell you that you don’t have to buy Minecraft actually, you just have to purchase the right to play the game. If you have bought Minecraft years ago, the ID would still work if you are playing Minecraft.

Minecraft is also one of the best games in the world, and it is primarily because of the fact that it is so tangible with every device. Whether you have a Windows 10, or Windows 11, it does not matter.

What matters is that you need to have the perfect version installed in your device, that is made for your device. What I mean by this statement is the fact that you cannot use the Xbox version of Minecraft, and play it on Windows, or even Java.

You can play Minecraft even if you haven’t played it for a long time, or if you have changed your device. You just need to download the game again, and make sure that the version is exactly the same as your device.

This problem is actually created by Microsoft, because of the fact that they released an unfinished version of Windows, and then they have upgraded their Java system to Windows 10. Although the upgrade is completely free, there are consequences with game versions and such things.

However, when we talk about Minecraft, you can actually login with any ID that you have or created thousands of years ago, because Minecraft has always been free to download, but you would have to pay to get an ID. 

Can you download Minecraft again for free?

Yes you can. As mentioned before, consider Minecraft to be a platform where you can install plugins. You have to purchase the plug-in, but you don’t have to purchase the website itself. Similarly, you don’t have to purchase the game, but you do have to purchase your ID.

However if you have already purchased your ID, you don’t need to repurchase the same if you are going to download it on another device. However there is a problem here.

Like every other game, Minecraft makes everything that you do in the game to be stored on your local device. Whatever device you are using makes a copy of whatever world you build.

This means that the world that you build would be available on your device only. Thus, if you want to change your device you have to manually back up everything from your Minecraft account to the server, and then transfer data from your old device to your new device, to play the game again. This is also used to buy many gamers to delete the world that they build, by clearing the memory of your Minecraft app. 

Can you use a single email ID for every Minecraft account?

 The problem with this thing was that you could actually integrate every mojang account whether it is from Minecraft or any other game developed by the studio to a single email ID.

However the problem with this was that email IDs would get hacked, and people would lose everything that they built for years in Minecraft. Therefore to improve the security of the game, only one copy of the game is allowed as per mojang’s studios.

This is the exact reason why you cannot use multiple email IDs for different Minecraft accounts right now.

Can you play Minecraft for free?

The answer to this question can be yes and no at the same time. This is because of the fact that Minecraft is actually free for people that want to download it from the website itself. Here is the link to the website where you can download Minecraft for free – .

However, as mentioned above you can download the application, and you can register in with a demo and play the demo version of the game. However if you want to actually build worlds, and interact with other people, or kill zombies, or play the various elements of the game, you need to buy Minecraft.

The reason why Minecraft mods are not available is because of the fact that whatever you build in the game, has to be uploaded through a server that checks the ID of the user.

If it finds out that there is an ID which does not match any digital signature of a purchased ID, and it is not mentioned in any player’s list, the server would reject your ID and your Minecraft account would be banned.

Do I have to buy Minecraft IDs for various versions?

This is the only criteria and the only situation where you would have to buy multiple Minecraft IDs. For example if you play an Xbox Live, a Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, Java applications, or even on Android, you need to buy a separate Minecraft ID for each of these platforms.

This is because of the fact that Minecraft is actually sold separately on every platform. Therefore if you want to transfer licenses from one device to the other, you cannot do so.

What I mentioned before regarding the cost of the account was that you can re-download Minecraft and get your ID back, if you are downloading it on the same device, and the same ID. You cannot jump between various platforms and play with the same ID.