Discouraged Health Care Workers Turn to Labor Unions to Get Their Rights and Help


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Due to the unexpected pandemic situation, we have faced the urgent need of medical help and need to protect nurses and other frontline workers. Most importantly, the labor organizations are pushing hospitals to do further actions than before.

Without a doubt, the unions representing the nation’s health care workers have emerged as increasingly powerful voices in the pandemic situation.

Still dated, more than 100,000 Americans hospitalized as well as many of them infected, in that situation nurses and other health workers helped a lot and they also remain in a precarious frontline against the coronavirus.

Corona’s period is so overwhelming. Erin McIntosh, a nurse at Riverside Community Hospital in Southern California, said that it is a part of the country and we need to take further actions to overcome it.

At her hospital’s intensive care unit, Mrs. McIntosh said, most of the health care professionals also nurses have sometimes cared for twice for their safety.

In general, the Service Employees International Union, National Nurses United brings more power and these unions have a powerful presence in California, even they have taken some critical decisions to let hospitals assign more nurses during the crisis.

HCA Healthcare owns Riverside, and they have recruited additional nurses for handling this situation. In general, the health care workers say they have been bitterly disappointed due to the government agencies’ and by their employers’.

In addition to this, the organization’s persistent supply of protective equipment, due to the complicated situation many workers turn to the unions as their only ally.

Each person knows that coronavirus has claimed the lives of more than 3,300 health care workers nationwide based on the studies.

Elizabeth Lalasz is a Chicago public hospital nurse in addition to steward for National Nurses United.  She said that we are alive today if we didn’t have the union.

It is one of the country’s largest union of registered nurses, even this will also representing more than 170,000 nationwide, it includes more than National Nurses, this also includes all the production elements.

It is also better for organizing new chapters as well as pursues contract talks to reach better positions. However, nurses across the country from various unions also participated in dozens of strikes as well as protests.

Now most Hospitals claim the unions because these kinds of unions are playing politics during a public health emergency. We need the flexibility to care for patients said Jan Emerson-Shea he is the spokeswoman for the California Hospital Association.

Due to the recent contract, nurses there won provisions which are also important for ensuring the hospital would hire more staff. It is also important to keep sufficient supplies of protective equipment, said by Mr. Pater. These are the most important aspects of protecting our people.

In most cases, the hospital did not respond to the requests.

The staff also remains highly skeptical of the unions’ efforts. Still, the staffing conditions remain overwhelming, said by Mrs. McIntosh, the Riverside nurse.

Also, most of the care workers view vaccines as the beginning of the end of the pandemic and refusing to be immunized.

Most unions find themselves treading a fine line between encouraging them to get vaccinated as well as take further actions to protect them against policies.

Since the nurses along with their unions need to keep pressuring employers to safeguard. At Mission Hospital in Asheville, N.C., there are a lot of safety concerns created by the pandemic added urgency with National Nurses United.

 Now, most staging protests and strikes are taken, through this unions have defended workers who are speaking up in opposition to their employers.

Mr. Kahn said that the unions were leveraging the crisis for the reason that they prefer to achieve their agenda of organizing workers.

More than 17 percent of nurses and other health care workers are covered by a union. On the other hand, the share of hospital workers with union representation has declined due to various reasons.

Some of the unions furthermore include the outspoken National Nurses. They have a preference of occupying the fringes of the labor movement. Mission nurses said that politics was not part of the unions so it is better to further.

The Biden presidency may give the unions some extra options and decide to allow them to flex their newfound muscle. This will support them in doing more. Of course, Mary Kay Henry is the international president of the S.E.I.U., who is the labor leader as well as met virtually with Mr. Biden last year.

Ms. Henry said that, in the past 40 years of organizing health care workers, I have never experienced a time when people are more willing to take risks as well as when they prefer to join together to take collective action and it is a sea change.