Creato’s Journey to Becoming a Recognised Name in Logo Design in the UK


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Do you know logos have a lifespan? On average, a logo can last up to 10 years. If you want to make your mark in the industry, you first need to focus on your logo. It is your first step to help establish your presence in the digital world.

Having a logo design has become imperative for businesses in today’s time. If you’re searching for efficient designers in London, you can always trust Creato – the best graphic design agency in the UK. Having been in business since 2015, Creato has only created exceptional, unique logos helping in boosting brand identity.

But how did Creato cover such an exciting journey? Read further to know more!

Creato’s Journey to Becoming a Recognised Name in the UK

Over the years, Creato has worked with different brands across different niches in the UK, thereby establishing its presence. But they crafted their path through hard work and extremely detailed procedures. Below is the approach Creato followed to become a recognised name in the UK:

–        Strategic Approach and Differentiation

Creato focused on the niche market, aiming to provide the best logo designs. The design professionals at Creato have a very strategic approach to designing the logo. The entire team brainstormed together to include creativity in the logo. They ‘innovate’ a new design that would be very brand-specific, which helps create differentiation. Throughout the entire process, they never compromise on quality.

The design professionals at Creato have a very customer-centric approach where they want to deliver what customers are looking for. Therefore, before the brainstorming process, the design team discusses with the customers their aim.

–        Building a Strong Online Presence

Creato has established itself as a professional and reliable UK logo design source. With their expertise in catering to the needs of audiences in the Australian market, they designed a very subtle yet professional website for the UK audience too. They included their portfolio and client testimonials on the website to prove their expertise.

Creato’s social media pages are also an exceptional example of how good they are in their art. Therefore, they used social media too to engage with their audience and promote their business in the UK market.

–        Providing Exceptional Customer Experience

Over the years, Creato has only provided unmatched customer experience. Every client is different, and understanding the needs, Creato creates a design per individual client requirements. Not only do they offer communication and timely delivery, but they also incorporate feedback very professionally. If you need revisions in your logo or graphic design, they do it proactively, ensuring you receive only the best.

About Professional Logo Design Services in the UK by Creato

Creato has been catering to the needs of brands in the UK by rendering them professionally designed logos. With a “blend of design and psychology”, Creato aims to create logo designs that will help establish a strong first impression on the customers. They are a team of experts in the logo design sector. One of the most notable aspects is that they deliver the design in different formats to use the logos across different platforms.

Key Elements Infused by Professional Logo Designers at Creato

The professional designers at Creato ensure to include brand-specific elements in the logo. This plays an essential role in ensuring better visibility. Some of the common elements included in the professional logo design by Creato include:

–        Simplicity

Logos should be simple, with negative space, so people can easily recognise it. Simple logos usually have simple images and fonts. This plays a vital role in establishing professionalism.

–        Versatility

Versatile logos are essential for enhancing brand identity. When a logo is versatile, it can be used across different platforms. A versatile logo can be used from offline marketing materials to online platforms. Furthermore, Creato provides versatile logos in various formats like JPG, AI, PSD, PDF and Vector.

–        Memorability

Memorable logos tend to attract the attention of customers. The professional designers at Creato include small elements that are memorable and draw a connection with your business. For example, even today, around 90% of the audience recognises Coca Cola logo because of how memorable it is.

–         Uniqueness

There are several businesses of the same niche in your industry. You cannot have the same visual identity as others. Therefore, Creato creates unique logos that are specific only to your business.

–        Relevance

A relevant logo immediately attracts the attention of the audience. It helps to establish an emotional connection with the audience. The emotional connection further plays a vital role in fostering strong customer loyalty.


Creato is one of the leading logo and web designers in the UK. They have created their mark with their utter dedication to professionalism and expertise in the design industry. The team of professional designers at Creato have lent a hand in business growth. No matter which industry you belong to, Creato always aims to design your most professional logo. If you want a hint of a fun element, you can communicate the same, and the Creato experts will do it for you.

Take your business’ visual identity to soaring heights with professional designers at Creato today.