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Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, it’s always a wise idea to have a number for a good local plumber saved in your phone. Home plumbing systems are designed to work efficiently without causing any problems, as long as they have been installed correctly. However, there is always a risk that something might go wrong.

Each year, people deal with a range of common plumbing problems in their homes and might need a plumber to come out in an emergency to deal with problems that might damage the home further.

The good news is that whether you own or rent your home, understanding some of the most common plumbing problems that you might encounter, and how to deal with them, can help you avoid costly and messy situations.


Leaks are a common plumbing issue and can be caused by a wide range of different reasons. In the winter, leaks are often more common as frozen pipes might crack under the pressure of the ice inside, leading to leaks.

Or there might be simpler issues like a broken washer on a faucet or shower that needs to be replaced to stop the leaking. Any leaks in your home should be fixed quickly as, if left unchecked, they can get worse and lead to serious issues, such as the formation of mold in your home.

If you have noticed some of the common signs of leaks such as a moldy smell in your home, a sudden spike in your water bill even though you’re not using any more water than usual, or hearing the sound of running or dripping water in your home, then call a plumber to investigate. Maplewood Plumbing offer Missouri plumbing services and can help with leaks.

Blocked Drains

Another common plumbing problem that you may face or could have already faced in your home is a blocked drain. Drains can easily become blocked and clogged over time after you’ve washed your hair so many times in the shower, or too much food and oil has accidentally been poured down the kitchen sink.

The good news is that there are several things that you can do yourself to prevent and solve the problem of blocked drains.

Drain unblocker solutions, which you can buy from many superstores and DIY stores, are a simple solution – just pour the solution down the drain and leave it for the specified period of time, and it will dissolve the block.

It’s important to keep up with regularly unblocking your drains as, over time, blockages can lead to serious issues like backups and burst pipes. Professional drain cleaning annually is also a good investment.

Sewage Backup

Sewage backup can become a nasty problem to deal with in your home, so it’s always worth knowing the signs and what you can do to prevent it. A backup of sewage can occur when the waste pipes that run from your home become blocked and clogged over time.

And, as you continue flushing the toilet and allowing wastewater to flow down the drain, it will start to collect and accumulate in the pipes. Eventually, it becomes too much for the pipes to handle, and this will cause a backup in your home.

Since sewage waste that has backed up from the pipes and into your home can be very toxic and harmful to your health, this is a problem that is usually best dealt with by a professional plumber and a professional cleaning company.

Heating System Issues

Making sure that your home is at the right temperature in the winter is something that most people find important. Our home’s heating system is usually the main way that we keep our home warm and comfortable when the weather is cold outside.

Today, it’s easy to take home heating and hot water on demand for granted as we are so used to it. So, if you can no longer heat your home and water is coming out of the faucets freezing cold even though it’s supposed to be warm, it’s not long before you realize what you are missing.

There are several reasons why your heating system might be having problems. Older heating systems are often more prone to problems compared to newer installations. Blockages in pipes, or problems with the hot water heater can also cause issues. It’s a good idea to ensure that your heating system is regularly inspected and serviced to keep it working correctly.

Whether you rent or own your home, understanding how to spot, prevent, and deal with common plumbing problems can lead to an easier home life.