Chiggers In Bed: Can They Infest It?


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Have you ever felt that horrifying pin type irritation in your skin where you feel small pins being driven inside your body while walking your dog or taking a stroll outside? The insatiable thirst to just scratch yourself all over your body is exactly what we would be talking about today. 

While you casually take your dog outside or take a stroll outside, it depends largely on the terrain. The chances of having this type of irritation are more in fields or long grasses and even on the banks of rivers. This is actually the reason behind why your skin feels red all over and it actually starts to burn and you see them on your hands and at your feet or on your thighs if you are wearing shorts. 

The reason behind the itches is known as Chiggers or grass mites. Actually, they are very tiny microscopic beings that exist in these areas and affect almost anyone. These things could also affect dogs and cats and there won’t be any type of distinguishing between anyone because all they need is the skin to feed on. 

With regards to the question as to whether they can affect and spread or they might be in your bed, let’s discuss the same in a question and answer format below:-

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How do Chiggers affect you?

Ans. There is a huge reason behind this as to what happens with Chiggers and how they get attracted to you and what triggers the scratches. Let us understand in detail what happens and what are the things that you need to understand with respect to grass mites. 

  • Firstly, they are not grass mites. They are Chiggers which grow up to be grass mites and priorly they are just microscopic tiny little things. 
  • When you pass through an area where there is a high concentration of Chiggers everywhere around you, some of them might just hitch a ride on your skin. 
  • When they do, they attach themselves with the help of hooks that they have. They are attracted to you by the sense of smell and the odour of your skin. 
  • They pierce your skin with hooks and then they secrete saliva. This is what causes us to feel the pin type itching on your skin because it hooks itself and penetrates a deep layer of skin. 
  • Now the saliva that it secretes, liquifies the cellular composition of your skin making it easier for them to eat it up. Thus, our skin is what causes the nourishment and this is how they grow.
  • They can be present for days and yet you won’t feel a thing because they are so microscopic, we hardly feel anything. 
  • But, the bite may take up to 15 days to heal because the liquified cells would have to regenerate to create a new layer of skin.

Do Chiggers affect your bed too?

Ans. Well, they are pesky little pests and they do seem to be very adamant once they catch on to something. They are gross and pathetic little creatures and it really hurts to scratch at times like these because even scratching doesn’t help in scenarios like these.

The best part about Chiggers is that they need moisture to survive. This is exactly why they don’t harm people with dry skin more than anything because they cannot live without water. This is one of the reasons why they live in paddy fields, grasses with mud and on the riverbanks. 

If you happen to visit any of these places or you went somewhere where there were grasses and they were wet, and you suddenly started scratching all over your body, chances are that you might be attacked by Chiggers. Now, if you jump to your bed, you might actually leave some of the larvae on your bed and it might lead to a problem. 

But, you don’t need to worry much because they do not stay in bed. They would leave as soon as they are stuffed with your skin and if you take care of the source from where it is coming from, you don’t need to worry about scratching your body all over again. 

How to get rid of Chiggers from your house?

Ans. This is something that is a surprising concern because if your house is actually infested with Chiggers, you won’t be able to live for a day. This is because they would eat you up so much and you would literally feel like peeling your skin off due to the constant itching sensation. Call up any pest control service and they might be able to help you with the same. 

If you feel they are starting to infest your house and there are some things that might be able to do then please do the things mentioned below. They are as follows:-

  • Make sure you sanitize your house properly and make sure that you don’t have to worry about Chiggers or any microorganism pests. 
  • If you have a steam cleaner, use the same to clean your house rather than plain water. If not, use the hottest water available. 
  • Make sure you have mowed your lawn and trimmed all the grasses so that they don’t grow inside. 
  • Vacuum clean your house regularly to avoid any type of pests clinging onto objects. 
  • Spread diatomaceous earth, if possible, all over your house and leave it for some time. Then clean up everything and you would be left with a 99.99% infection free house. 

What is it that is biting me on my bed?

Ans. Besides Chiggers, there are a lot of things that can affect you and cause you to experience pain. Now, this doesn’t mean that it might be your bed. Because you need to check your skin too. It might be the case of some underlying skin disease and it might be helpful if you try to eliminate the root cause. 

However, if it is not on your skin, then it might be something on your bed. There are many types of pests that might be existing in your bed apart from what you might think. Chiggers do live near you but it won’t be for a long time and if you feel it’s been happening for a long time, get your bed checked for bed bugs. 

There might even be a bacterial infection on your bedsheets, if not washed with a good detergent and this might also be a cause for the itching.