Welcome to the Valley

By Sesha Kammula   The popular bitmoji app started as a cartoon. The pictures were cartoon representations of the individual makers and could be edited to have silly characteristics. However, the more recent updates have started to feel less like cartoons. The app is a fun way to express oneself without sending photos, but over time the pictures have gotten more realistic. It’s creeping, slowly … Continue reading Welcome to the Valley

Pornographic Math and Magic If

By Molly Karr I do not understand why people watch porn. It is different than acting, the superior art. Porn is actual. It is concrete—it is, like, really happening. There are insides and outsides and absolute touches on skin and little flakes of saliva. There is payment and dye jobs and oopsie daddy issues and steroids under tanned skin and contractual safe words. In acting, … Continue reading Pornographic Math and Magic If

an ode to she-flesh: partially found, intentionally bad poem

By Sarah Chefka you found her at the butcher’s shop. brazenly raw, impudently red, so stubbornly sinewy. at first, you salivated at the thought of carving her up, breaking her down to her irreducible parts. but she was so condescendingly, nauseatingly free that she began to offend you. you considered her brazen deadness impudence. didn’t she care that you had all the power? you were the … Continue reading an ode to she-flesh: partially found, intentionally bad poem

Running Thoughts

By Lela Robinson Thoughts have a tendency to run away with themselves taking a variety of routes, some leading us to creative, critical, or brilliant ideas, others taking us to no destination in particular, only to dull contemplation. There are certain courses, however, dragging us on uphill marathons, stealing the last agonizing breath from the lungs, and replacing it with an utter exhaustion completely enveloping … Continue reading Running Thoughts

Unnecessary Tools: a contradiction

By Sesha Kammula Tool (noun): 1. a handheld device that aids in accomplishing a task. 2. something (such as an instrument or apparatus) used in performing an operation necessary in the practice of a vocation or profession. There’s a kitchen implement that is only used to slice avocados. It is named, aptly enough, an avocado slicer, and you can buy one for $5.99 on Amazon. … Continue reading Unnecessary Tools: a contradiction

Skincare: a millenial’s obsession

By Viri Garcia I’ll just say it now: I’m a millennial and I’m obsessed with skincare. There are countless articles about our generation’s growing obsession with self-care in general. From manicures to gold sheet masks, it is true that we have not only brought self-care to life, but also suffocated it. However, when it comes to self-care, I think that it’s not only important to … Continue reading Skincare: a millenial’s obsession