The Kominas are Punks

Synthesizing cultures with a new brand of punk music By Jagravi Dave Punk music has always been about rebellion. It is a vehicle for artists to engage with issues that are emotional and difficult to talk about—issues that are often ignored, or affect people who have historically been silenced. One of the most iconic punk bands, The Clash, used their music to raise awareness of … Continue reading The Kominas are Punks

Mulder & Scully: Meant to Be

Even if the writers don’t think so By Tia Lewis & Thelonia Saunders Even those who cringe at the acronym “OTP” (ourselves included) can’t deny it—the romance between FBI Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) in The X-Files harnesses an impressive chemistry. It goes beyond character, dialogue, and the actors themselves to become the very foundation of what makes the show … Continue reading Mulder & Scully: Meant to Be

Playing the Rookie

Tavi Gevinson and new creativity By Maura Thomas Tavi Gevinson, 19-year-old artist, actor, and writer, has alternately described herself as an elf and a feminist. In both respects, she’s perfectly serious: it’s possibly her combination of intelligence and self-awareness that has gotten her so far, so fast. Tavi started a blog, Style Rookie, at age 11, and her popular website for teenage girls, Rookie, at … Continue reading Playing the Rookie

Feminism 101 with Nicki Minaj

Calling out White Feminist hypocrisy By Susie Plotkin “And now back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press—Miley, what’s good?” This line, which Nicki Minaj delivered during her acceptance speech for Best Hip-Hop Video, is the standout memory from the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. People will forget who hosted the show, they’ll forget who … Continue reading Feminism 101 with Nicki Minaj

The Lingering Era of the Male Talk Show Host

Seeking female faces on our screens by Barbara Esuoso The lights in a large theatre are dimmed for a nightly ambiance, while the studio erupts with the noise of an enthusiastic crowd anticipating the appearance of the iconic 6-foot-4 redhead.  Conan O’ Brien confidently makes his way to center stage under the weight of unceasing applause. Experience exudes his persona as he makes goofy hand … Continue reading The Lingering Era of the Male Talk Show Host

The Olivia Popes & Jess Days of TV

Typecasting television’s favorite female leads by Riley Henderson Many people may argue that Shonda Rhimes is the boss of all things dramatic. She has become a TV Drama phenomenon in less than a decade, each one of her shows being more popular than the last. With series such as Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Private Practice, and Grey’s Anatomy (now in its eleventh … Continue reading The Olivia Popes & Jess Days of TV

Sharpay Wears Short Skirts; Gabriella Wears T-Shirts

The false dichotomy of Disney’s female characters By Simi Best     The first time we see High School Musical’s Sharpay Evans, she’s dressed head to toe in pink, strutting through the halls of East High, texting on her pink flip phone as the crowd parts around her. Even before Zeke calls her the “ice princess” and proceeds to high five his laughing bros, we … Continue reading Sharpay Wears Short Skirts; Gabriella Wears T-Shirts

The Cathartic Absurdity of Mel Brooks

Srsly, he’s pretty funny By Felicia Kuhnreich In today’s media, where there are so many outlets for comedy and so many funny people, I still always find myself returning to Mel Brooks. His brand of silliness is critically acclaimed (he is in the elite EGOT club), and I often regard him as a safe choice for a favorite comedian. Brooks’ lowbrow vulgarity drives movies such … Continue reading The Cathartic Absurdity of Mel Brooks

The Rise of Popular Ballet

Dance in media By Natalie Tsay Ballet has always had a very specific reputation: fruity, prissy, proper, stiff—many other adjectives that, frankly, don’t even begin to take into account the incredible scope of the whole art form called ballet. It is not all smiles and tutus. It is blisters, sweat, and strength. It is mind-numbing dedication. It is grace under pressure. It is unlike any sport or art, … Continue reading The Rise of Popular Ballet