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Mixing of hpnotiq and sprite – When we talk about the various drinks that we have developed over the past years, we can account for over a million drinks produced by mankind.

The invention of alcohol as a method to relieve stress and get drunk, was seen early in 3000 B.C , where we distilled grapes to produce wine and liquor.

There were traditional wine makers, people that dedicated their entire lives to liquor. Now I do know that alcohol causes major health problems, but I do know that we all need a little swig when times are low, don’t we? 

Apart from the usage and morality of alcohol, it’s taste and richness is absolutely phenomenal. The heaviness and the taste that alcohol has varies from different brands to different types.

We have El Dorado, Scotch, Clement, Kingfisher, Godfather, Royal Stag, Hpnotiq, Old Monk, etc. Each of these brands provide different tastes and preferences for their customers.

As for alcoholic types, there’s beer, rum, vodka, gin and so on. The main problem with alcohol and it’s taste is that we always search for something extra. Something sweet, or acrid.

Something that boils our throat or something that mixes with it and glides over with a touch of its own. There’s Coca Cola, then there’s Sprite, Miranda, Fruit juices, Dr pepper, and so many different drinks that we try to mix with our favorite liquor. Let’s look at some of these mixes in a question and answer format. 

What is Hpnotiq?

Hpnotiq is a sea blue drink that looks absolutely appetizing. We drink a lot from our eyes, and alcohol served in a Martini glass, that shines blue and has a lemon on its rim, is visually appealing.

It is a must buy for everyone building a bar at home, and every bar owner should have this drink. It’s not good with major cocktails though, but it goes well with a collection of drinks by itself.

It’s not good to mix it with any dark coloured drinks, as it mixes up to become strange. The blue color reacts very quickly with other drinks and the liquor acquires a heavy alcoholic taste.

Apart from that, it has the wow factor which makes it a very good drink. Hpnotiq was made back in 2001, and it’s vodka. Although we cannot call it vodka, and we don’t know the exact recipe yet, we know three things. It has fruit juices for that sweeter taste, vodka and cognac.

It feels very tough on your tongue and has a bitter aftertaste, but the moment you taste it it has a completely different taste. It smells like passionfruit and tastes like mango on the first sip.

The best part about Hpnotiq is that it is a low alcohol content spirit. It just has 17% alcohol, and that’s why it is not classified as vodka. Vodka has about 40% alcohol like whiskey and rum.

Hpnotiq also pairs well with spirits that are distilled. Since it’s vodka, you can actually mix it with champagne as well and it would taste sweeter. Since it was made by the sea, coconut rum is also good with Hpnotiq. But, justice for Hpnotiq can only be done when it is served with a tequila in a Margarita. 

What is the best drink with Hpnotiq?

Hpnotiq is a rich fountain blue color alcohol that is mixed with various other drinks to get a refreshing taste. It is even mixed to get you more drunk, as the diluent served with alcohol increases its chances of getting you drunk.

Let’s talk about the best drink first. The best drink that can be made by mixing hypnotic, which you can ask any bartender or Google itself, is the Incredible Hulk. No it’s not a typing mistake, Incredible Hulk is actually the best drink you can make with Hpnotiq.

The bright green color that sparks up as you mix the sea blue Hpnotiq, gives the name of that drink. Sean Combs, a very popular rapper back in those days started selling them at his chain of restaurants. Justin’s restaurant, the chain had many promotional events that make the Hpnotiq famous for its taste.

Even the idea behind the incredible Hulk was amusing. You see, the liquor was launched, everyone tasted it but women loved it more. Men who are familiar with alcohol, and as far as it comes to alcohol, want something strong. Something rigid and tastes like beer or gets them drunk easily.

As far as Hpnotiq goes, it was a sweet drink with a low alcoholic content. Therefore Victor Alvarez, the bartender, mixed equal parts of Hpnotiq with Hennessy cognac and created this greenish drink.

He called it the incredible Hulk to attract men as well, and it was a success. The drink was appreciated so much that it became the number one choice with Hpnotiq for people of all genders. 

Can you mix Hpnotiq with Sprite?

This is all for people that love blue. Blue color signifies a lot of things and people that love alcohol do not distinguish between colors. However, if you look at the color of Hpnotiq, you would understand why I am saying this.

You can mix Hpnotiq with a lot of drinks that do not have alcohol to improve its taste, or sweet alcoholic drinks but it dampens the color. If you want something that has less to do with getting drunk and more to feel and taste the drink, the Hpnotiq breeze is the perfect drink for you.

You have to mix sprite in the drink and this is the perfect drink that you can make with Hpnotiq and Sprite. The incredible Hulk may be the best drink you can find on the internet, but it ruins the rich sea blue color you find in Hpnotiq.

The drink is made by including a variety of drinks and here’s how you make it. Pour Hpnotiq, and 1/4th part white rum, 1/4th part Sprite and syrup in a cocktail shaker. Mix well for at least 5 minutes so that the syrup dissolves in the Sprite and makes it sweeter.

It should mix with the white rum, and the Hpnotiq combined. Strain the drink and fill in clear ice cubes. A wine glass would be great, so rub the rim of the glass with a lemon peel. Pour in pineapple juice right after you set it, and swirl before you drink.

The first sip itself would set you free. With the rum, and vodka and cognac from Hpnotiq mixed together, the drink would be heavy on infrequent users, but the taste would keep you hooked.