What You Need to Know About a Business Water Bill


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There is a good chance that your business receives a water bill. It’s crucial to understand how a business water supplier charges your business for using water. This is because it gives you the chance to lower your water consumption so that you can save on water bills.

Keep in mind that there are many licensed business water suppliers in the country, but they tend to differ in the way they include key details on your business water bill. The good news is that water is regulated, so the charges are predictable. This page discusses what you need to know about a business water bill.

Types of business water bill charges

It’s worth noting that the charges on your business water bill are divided into the water coming in and the water coming out of your business premises. A business water bill has water charges which are the charges that apply for the supply of clean or fresh potable water to the business premises.

Remember that the water charge can depend on the amount of water your business utilizes. And, if your property is not metered, the business water supplier can charge based on the rateable value of the business premises, which is an estimate of water consumption.

There are also wastewater charges which are charges that apply for the removal of used water from the business property into the sewer system. You should remember that these charges can apply to a business that is connected to the sewer system.

Business water bills

A business water bill has a fixed or standing charge. This refers to a standard fee that the business water supplier charges to cover the costs associated with the meter reading and maintenance of your water meter.

There is also volumetric charge which is a fee that tends to depend on the volume of water your business has utilized. This charge is per cubic meter of water, but it can depend on your business location and the charge scheme of the business water supplier. Lastly, there is a water charge which includes a standing charge plus volume of water utilized multiplied by volumetric rate.

It’s worth noting that the wastewater charges are often charged with both a volumetric charge and a fixed charge. A fixed charge is designed to cover the costs related to the maintenance of the pipes that connect your business premises to local sewerage systems. This charge can be determined by the size of water pipes from your property.

There is also a volumetric charge that a business water supplier charges, though it depends on the volume of water that returns to the sewerage system. The business water supplier can estimate this fee based on the amount of water it supplies to your business premises.

Lastly, there is return to sewerage factor which is an estimate of the amount of water that a business water supplier supplies your property has been removed as wastewater. The water suppliers tend to assume that all water they supply to your business premises is removed as wastewater.