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Business Travel Tips For Women In 2023


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Business travels are becoming a part of regular jobs. As a result, corporations are concerned about women’s safety, especially during the trip. However, the Global Business Travel Association revealed that more than 45% of the women that travel need corporate travel safety.

Corporate safety culture is beginning to flourish. The corporate HR managers suggest it must include all the women who travel within the country or abroad. Every organization needs to develop safety plans for the women who travel on the organization’s behalf. The research shows that most women need more information about who to contact in case of emergency, accident, or illness.

The organizations must include travel safety plans for women travelling abroad.

They are committed to the safety and well-being of the women going abroad on behalf of the organization. Therefore, they include a travel safety plan with all necessary employee guidelines.

Tip 1: Travels Needs To Plan Strategically

Business travellers choose to travel on less crowded flights, low in cost and have a certain level of flexibility.

The flights are busy after the holidays or during the summer. The flights in early spring are not occupied. Corporate may choose the flights during spring. They are less expensive during this slot. 

Another way to avoid crowded flights is to reserve your seats at the beginning and the middle of the week. You may also check the discount policy offered by the airline.

Tip 2: Pack your Luggage strategically

It is vital to pack your luggage strategically. Airlines have limitations for carrying a specific weight of luggage per person. Make sure to pick extra pair of shoes; handbags are heavy, only choose one that works well with all your needs. Don’t carry expensive jewellery and beauty kits. Expensive jewellery makes you vulnerable to theft.

You may use a laptop bag to carry the laptop and all essentials.

Tip 3: Consider making the perfect travel tool kit

Flights make you tired when the officials perform security checks, and you have a long way to go to your destination. You will suffer from bodily pain, and you may suffer muscular pain, headache or sudden sneezing.

It means you need an eye mask for sleeping and ear plugs. A consecutive 8-10 hour flight will make it hard for you to take a rest. Sometimes, official flights don’t provide you with ear and eye masks, so better keep them with you during the journey. 

Tip 4: Consider packing the proper clothing

You need to be careful while packing your clothing for business trips. Keep a sweater with you, as it is always cold on aeroplanes. You must know the weather of the country you are going to visit. You must invest in nice outfits for business meetings. A nice blazer is a right choice with jeans. Wear flat black shoes to walk comfortably around. 

Tip 5: Choose neutral dress colours

You should use neutral colours for business meetings: pack light and neutral colours. You can mix and match light colour pallets. However, white is not recommended as it gets stains very quickly.

Tip 6: Take presents for business trips

It looks nice when you bring small presents for your colleagues, such as chocolates, snacks, or food item that looks ideal. The gift should give the image that you are thankful. However, only bring something according to the host country’s cultural acceptance. It may produce embarrassment and may offend the host.

Tip 7: Balance out the work with  travelling stress

Wisely choose the schedule of your flights. The flights must let you rest the most when you reach the destination. It seems counterintuitive. However, only sleep when there is a considerable time difference between your country of origin and your destination. Resting at the wrong time will irritate you for three days to adjust to the time of the county of destination.

Tip 8: Select The Best Accomodation

When corporate employees travel for work, they primarily stay at hotels. However, Airbnb may also be a good choice as it is easy to navigate. You can easily approach the people to understand the city and culture. However, Airbnb is more prevalent when you are on vacation, and you are there for fun with friends.


The major takeaway of the article is that 

  • The women going on the official trip should have the corporate travel plan
  • She should plan her travel strategically
  • She should avoid picking up expensive jewellery and extra luggage with her.
  • She should select the best official dresses and comfortable accommodations.
  • Choosing the presents according to the host country’s culture is an art. Bring some gifts for a business trip.