Best Multifunctional Light Beacons


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The efficiency of using lights for signals has improved throughout the years. The colours of the signal lights have been standardised, and regulations control the type of light signal and when it can be used.

Light beacons have come a long way from candles with rotating mirrors to warn ships of rocky dangers. Today they come with various power sources, strengths, and abilities. Let’s have a look at multifunctional light beacons and their uses.

What is it?

A multifunctional light beacon is a light beacon that has more than one function. For example, it could offer a visual and audible signal like a burglar or fire alarm. It could signal the start of machinery, a maintenance warning, or a signal that a vehicle is reversing.

The light beacons can come with halogen bulbs, xenon gas, or LED lights. Some multifunctional light beacons can have extra features like sending a message that worker interaction is needed, or they can start the next procedure, turning on a cooling pump.


A red multifunctional light beacon signals fire, danger, or the need for immediate action. The colour blue is used for security, and white light beacons signal a position or when the light has to shine the brightest and strongest, offering the greatest visibility. Such as a lifejacket search and rescue beacon.

Of the light beacon colours, the most popular is amber. An amber light beacon is used to signal caution. Slow down, be aware, and take care. They are found on machinery, road crew vehicles, and more.

The best

When it comes to the best multifunctional light beacons, you want one that offers 360 degrees of visibility, LEDs for a longer lifespan, a maintenance-free design, and it should offer strobes, flashing, rotating, and continuous light streams. It should come in a strong shell, be protected from UV rays, is resistant to impacts, and its alarm should be loud and clear to ensure attention is brought to the situation.

A great light beacon should be easily installed, low in maintenance, and reliable. These light beacons can use a range of audible tones to ensure the alarm is heard throughout noisy factories and worksites. Using a certain tone for each colour light beacon, a worker can immediately tell what the signal is conveying.

If the tone of the machinery starting is the same as a fire alarm, your workers are more likely to ignore the sound. However, if the fire alarm is very distinct, the chances of getting everyone out safe and sound are much more likely. For more information on light beacons, contact RS.

The best multifunctional light beacon will be the right one for the job, colour, sound, and power source. It will keep your workers and the public safer while putting your mind at ease. Contact RS if you’re unsure which light beacon is right for your job.