Average Leg to Body Ratio and Which Is Considered the Most Attractive? 


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Average leg-to-body ratio: here, we will be mainly discussing the male leg-to-body ratio (LBR) that refers to the ratio of the leg length to the total height of the individual. Initial studies stated that males with low LBRs were more attractive. However, later studies considered average or above-average LBRs more desirable. 

What is the ideal leg-to-body ratio? 

Every individual is different and has a different LBR but one might wonder what the ideal ratio is? Based on adult males’ average leg lengths, the average leg to body ratio is 1.4. This would imply that a person whose leg length is 1.4 times longer than his upper body has an LBR. 

What is a good leg length compared to the torso? 

To check whether an individual’s torso is short or not, the best method is to measure the length from his head to crotch and the length from his crotch to the ground. If the former is shorter than the latter; that, then the torso is said to be short. A smart hack to make your torso appear longer is to wear medium to long-size shirts without tucking. Wearing V-necks or low-cut necklines is also an effective solution. 

What should be the average length of the leg? 

If you are wondering what is the average leg length then the answer is the STANDARD model. The standard model is the ideal fit for you. 

What body proportions are considered suitable? 

Speaking in terms of the rule of thumb, the body width of adult males should be 2 heads, 1 head for the width of calf muscles at the lower arc, I head for the distance between the two nipples while 2 heads for the bottom of the knees to floor measurement. Note that the body proportions for males and females vary. 

Legs amount to how much percent of the total height?

Calculating this is pretty straightforward. Simply measure the distance from your hip to feet that is the leg length. Divide the leg length to your height and multiply the result by 100. For instance, a person’s height is 77” while the leg length is 48”. Dividing both, we get 0.623. Multiplying it by 100, we get 62.3 percent. 

What is the average size of a human head?

As per Wikipedia, a US-based study stated that the average male head size is 57 cm (22 ½) while 55 cm  (22 ¾) in females. A similar study in the United Kingdom indicates that the average head circumference in females is 55.2 cm while in males is 57.2 cm. 

What exercise increases the leg length?

If you wish to have longer legs, then you might find the given exercise helpful. 

  • Stand straight while keeping your feet together. 
  • Put your one foot forward. 
  • Start bending both your knees to a right angle. You might not be able to bend to a 90-degree angle in the beginning. Try to get as close as you can and practice daily to get better. 
  • Stay in the position for a few seconds. 
  • Repeat the process with the other leg.

Are long legs hereditary?  

The bone structure solely determines the length of the legs. Since the bone structure depends on the genetics of the person, the leg length becomes hereditary. There is no way to increase your leg length, not even by exercise. Particular poses or clothing tricks might make the legs appear longer but cannot actually change leg length. Owing to the advancement in medical science, some surgeries can increase leg length. However, they are time-taking, expensive, and immensely painful. 

What leg length is considered dainty?

Typically, dainty trouser inside leg length is 73 cm or 28.7 inches. 

What is the average inside leg length?

Typically the inside leg length of jeans and trousers is as follows.

Size Short Regular Long Inside leg length 30 inches 76 cm 32 inches81 cm 34 inches86 cm

What leg length is considered as long? 

Whether you have long legs or not depends on their length compared to your torso. Ideally, a person having a shorter torso than their legs are considered to have long legs. The short torso creates an illusion of a person being taller than they actually are. A person with long legs and a short torso may look tall even if their height is less than average. 

Are long legs more desirable than short legs?

A study revealed that men with long legs are regarded as more attractive and appealing by women compared to those with short legs. Another research that included over 200 males and females indicated that individuals with 5 percent longer legs than the average were considered more good-looking irrespective of their gender.

If the inseam is 30, what will be the average height? 

You can find out the average height for a 30 inseam by referring to the table below: 

Skinny Straight
Short 5’3” or less25” – 27”27”
Regular 5’4” to 5’7”28” – 30”28” – 32”
Tall 5’8” or above31” – 34”32” – 34”

What is the right way to measure leg length? 

When you calculate the leg length using a measuring tape from the anterior superior iliac spine or the ASIS to the medial malleolus, then you will get your true leg length. On the other hand, measuring from the umbilicus to the medial malleoli of the ankle, then you will have your apparent leg length.

If a woman is 5’5”, what is the suitable inseam for her? 

It depends on whether you are getting a tailored style or an industry-standard inseam. For the former, the inseam can be from 32 inches to 33 inches. The latter inseam can be 35 inches when designed for a 5’9” woman. 

Are short torso and long legs an ideal combination? 

A new study reveals that women with a short torso and long legs are generally more appealing to men. Some well-known actresses, such as Scarlett Johansson or Marilyn Monroe, have an ideal body shape.

What sports are best for people with long legs? 

There are a few sports where having long legs can give you an upper hand, such as: 

  • Swimming. Having long limbs can be highly advantageous for a swimmer. 
  • Shooting. 
  • Rowing. 
  • Sprinting. 
  • Gymnastics.
  • Morphs and muscles. 
  • Marathon running.
  • Weightlifting. 

What are the perks of having short legs? 

Having short legs has its benefits. For instance, short legs provide an exceptionally stable center of gravity. The lower center of gravity of the body is a vital virtue for sports such as 4-inch wide balance beam. Short legs also resistless inertia. Hence, they move swiftly and efficiently. 

Where is the waist located? 

The waist is typically measured where the circumference of the natural waist, present right above the belly button, is the least. If the person is obese or pregnant, the waist may be measured 1-inch vertically above the navel. 

How to slim down the legs effectively and quickly? 

Engaging in lower body exercises such as wall sits, thigh lifts, step-ups with only bodyweight, etc., can help you slim down your legs. The pivotal step is to have the reps high, preferably 15 reps/set. An individual must perform three rounds of all the exercises and keep the rest intervals between each activity small.