Are Porter Cable Batteries Interchangeable?


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Although porter cable batteries are not the same they can be interchanged. Lithium battery is referred to as PC18BL while the NiCad battery is referred to as PC18B. Porter-cable manufactures a wide variety of tools in which these kinds of batteries are used and both the batteries have approximately the same design.

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Can craftsman batteries be interchange with porter cable?

20v Li-ion batteries are used in a wide range of tools and manufacturers like Porter-Cable, DeWalt, Craftsman, Black & Decker, & Mac use this battery system. It seems like the products of different companies originated from the same parent company. 

What kind of batteries can be used in the porter cable? Give a detailed description with items of identical features. 

ItemsPowerextra 20V Max 5.0Ah Lithium Replacement Battery for Porter Cable PCC685L PCC680L Cordless Tools BatteriesPowerextra 2 Pack 5.0Ah 20 MAX Lithium Replacement Battery Compatible with Porter Cable PCC685L PCC680L
Ratings4 out of 5 stars (273)4 out of 5 stars (403)

Can batteries of porter cable be interchange with DeWalt batteries?

Both the products have a 20v li-ion battery. Both the manufacturers use the same volt battery to power up their tools. So the batteries can be exchanged if the structure of the batteries used in both devices are the same and the cutting notch of the tools have no variation.

What ranges of 20v batteries are interchangeable?

All the batteries as well as the charger of black=decker as well can be interchanged within the prescribed 20V product ranges of black=decker. 

Are porter cables obscure now?

Porter-cable is still in the market and proliferating. Porter-cable is still a prominent and well-known brand of Black and decker. Their power tools are still the best choice of buyers. Their air tools, as well as woodworking tools, are still the top choice in the market and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. 

Is porter cable a worthy brand? 

Porter-cable has been sold to Stanley. Porter-Cable used to be manufactured in Jackson, Tennessee, USA. Now almost all SBD power tools are manufactured in countries and the manufacturing cost is pretty less. Porter-cable is still on the market and tools of porter cable are regarded as an optimum choice for mediocre use. That means the tools can be used in intermediate work processes. Although, pro-consumer also looks for porter cable because of the economical price and elegant quality of the product. Despite its wide range of presence in the market. Porter-cable is not the best in the market.     

Which can be a better option between Dewalt and Makita?

  • Power drills- Hammer drills are much more powerful in the products of DeWalt. On this aspect, Dewalt is the winner in the power drill. 
  • Impact drivers- Makita offers higher torque as well as speed in its impact drivers and impact drivers of Makita are ahead of Dewalt on precision. 
  • Reciprocating saw- Makita is slight ahead of Dewalt inefficiency and stroke length. Here Makita is somehow the winner. 

Can the batteries of the craftsman and Ryobi be interchanged?

One battery can be used in Ryobi and with Sears craftsman, a 19.2v battery is used along with a battery adapter. 

Has Kobalt been replaced by a craftsman?

It has been reported that some of the products of Kobalt will be replaced by craftsmen. Apart from that, Lowe’s will still be a part of the Kobalt brand and it will continue to manufacture its tools. Kobalt will also manufacture a wide range of products and consumers can have the option to buy those from an online store just like earlier. 

Are cordless tools of craftsman worthy to buy?

Drilling tools of craftsmen has a pleasing feel to it. Most of the products of craftsmen have the same handle grip as well as render the same design. The new craftsman v20 also has the same pattern of design. The best thing about craftsman tools is that they come with a standard charger. The company had the option to offer a basic charger, but they decided to provide a standard charger with the tools. That is the reason why craftsman tools are worth buying.

Can an 18v porter cable support a 20v battery?

Yes, you can use a 20v battery in your porter cable. The 18v lithium-ion battery can also be used in the cordless tools of porter cable. In Stanley, you will have to use a 20v li-ion battery while in the decker you can use an 18v li-ion battery. The 18v li-ion battery can also be used in the cordless power tools of black and decker. 

Can you interchange the batteries of Dewalt and Makita?

The batteries of DeWalt and Makita are interchangeable. They use the same lighting tool system in their products. The adapter of the DeWalt tools can be used with both an 18v li-ion battery as well as a 20v li-ion battery. 

Are porter cable and DeWalt the same?

DeWalt has become a popular brand over the years. It has become the first choice for commercial contractors. In the year 2004, porter cable was acquired by black and decker, at the same time black and decker also acquired DeWalt. In the year 2016, DeWalt created a rugged android smartphone for industrial workers. The phone was strong and rigid.   

Are porter cables still competing against DeWalt?

The drill machine of Porter cable doesn’t offer longer runtime as compared to DeWalt tools. DeWalt tools offer maximum power efficiency. Porter-cable comes with only a one-speed option while the DeWalt drilling tool comes with two different speed options. Speed can help in a multitude of different works. On the other hand, porter cable helps in reducing fatigue while DeWalt fails to reduce it.     

What is the prior difference between red batteries and black batterers of porter cable? 

Both the red as well as black batteries of porter cable have the same power and that is 20v. 

Both batteries are 20V lithium and they are interchangeable. The difference is the black battery (PCC681L) comes with a rating of1.3Ah while the red battery (PCC680L) comes with a rating of1.5Ah. Higher Ampere hour (Ah) in batteries means longer runtime. So, the cost of a higher Ah battery will be higher as compared to a lower Ah battery. 

Are porter cables and black deckers the same?

Porter-cable is a tool manufacturing company which is based in America. It is an American company and some of its famous products are the portable belt sander, helical-drive circular saw, and portable band saw. Porter-cable is a subsidiary company of black and decker. 

What is the charging time of batters of porter cable?

The battery pack as well as the charger does not get harmed by long storage. Adaptors of porter cable are designed in such a way that they can efficiently charge batteries of porter cable. Charging time of the batteries are –  PCC690L in 35-100 mins., PCC691L in 65-200 mins.

Can you interchange the 18v battery of the porter cable? 

Porter-Cable 20V Max and 18V Batteries cannot be interchanged.