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Amazon has become one of the largest companies to exist with respect to online shopping. The company has made headlines very often due to its various schemes, the sales and discounts that it has with respect to the product and the best customer service. 

When we include all the advantages of this company, we ourselves realise how big of a giant it is and yet the process goes as smoothly as ever. Moreover, chances are that you don’t even need to read all this as about 90 percent of people reading this would already know Amazon or at least Amazon prime. 

Among so many features that are worthy of having their own articles, we would discuss the gift cards, traceability and everything related to that in this article. So make sure that you read everything and understand it correctly. I am sure that you must have encountered a gift card somewhere in your life. 

To put it simply, a gift card that you make or get on an online store or if someone gifts you one helps you in your daily shopping and gives you tremendous discounts on brands. Let’s discuss the same in detail with a question and answer format, so here it goes:-

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What is a gift card?

Ans. Yes, this is where we should start our main article because to understand traceability and everything related to the same, you need to first understand where and from how it is generated and what it do. 

Have you ever gone to a funfair where they have rides and things like that? If you remember it correctly, you need to have a pink slip to make sure that you don’t have to pay that much for the entry, as it would be done in just half or some percent of the entire price. 

Now, an Amazon gift card works in the same way as the pink slip. The gift card is actually just money that is present in a gift form. It isn’t something like a code or so that you have which you can use anywhere, it is just simple money that is loaded into a card and gifted to someone. 

Also, you don’t need to worry about the balance on your gift card as it never ever expires so it isn’t like that pink slip too. It’s even better. Also, you cannot sell the gift card as it is attached to a personal recipient and it cannot be sold back or cashed out. 

Another thing that you need to realise here is that when you buy something, you need to make sure that you select Amazon Pay Balance, the gift card while checking out or else it would be paid via your account. Also, you can check out and add your UPI or money from your bank to your gift card if the purchase is higher but you cannot select cash on delivery with the gift card. 

Can gift cards be traced back to the owner who bought them? 

Ans. Now that you understand what they are and how they can be used, let’s discuss the traceback feature of the gift cards. As for the question of whether the gift cards can be traced back to the owner of the credit/debit card which was used to pay the same, there are multiple theories. Let’s look at them in detail. 

Now, focus on the words that I would use here. Gift cards are extremely difficult to trace. Many major employees that are working in Amazon who are asked about the traceback feature for the Amazon gift card, don’t reply in affirmations. This is because the cards are very difficult to be able to trace back. After all, the credit card generates a certain code. 

This code then converts into the form of a gift card and then it works. But, as I said before, you should focus on the words being used here. I said that it is extremely difficult to do so but not impossible. It isn’t impossible for hackers and it might be possible that your data is leaked. Thus, you need to make sure that you keep track of all your purchases.  

Also, can I track my Amazon gift card? 

Ans. Why do you want to? In fact, if you look at the statistics here, the card is actually completely impossible to trace back to the credit card that is being used to make the purchase and it is possible in case you are a hacker. 

If a hacker does get access to your card, you don’t need to worry because you can alert your bank if a heavy transaction goes by. Also, you need to check your statements properly and make sure that you keep the bills because they might just work with the same. 

Also, if it is your Amazon gift card and you lose it somehow, the company would issue a refund value to you and then you should forget about the card. Because if you use the card and initially fake it that you lost the same and got a new value for it, there might be serious repercussions with respect to the same. 

Can you use a card that you found and would it be possible for you to know about the card? 

Ans. Yes. In fact, if you are reported about the gift card and you are found guilty with the same, you can be prosecuted for theft and deception and the police would find you wherever you are. But, if no one has reported any kind of thing with respect to the Amazon gift card that you have, you can use the same and nothing would happen. 

This is exactly why people have been advised to make sure that they use all the Amazon gift cards as soon as possible because in cases like this, they become a huge nuisance. Also, there are many stores that cash out your gift cards. This doesn’t mean that if you go inside with this card, you would receive a bundle of cash. But, instead, you would receive the money in your Amazon gift card to be added to your Amazon Pay Balance. 

But, if you are thinking of getting your gift card back by tracing the same with something because it was so valuable, I am sorry to say you can’t. You can, although call customer service and find out as to whether the gift card has been used or not and negotiate refunds.