31 Best Animeultima Alternatives | Detailed Guide


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In this article, you will know about the top best alternative to the Animeultima website.

Animeultima is the best option for streaming anime. It has a vast collection of top anime movies and series. It provides English subtitles and dubbing to enable all users to enjoy the content. Packed with discussion forums, news boards and engaging polls, animeultima.me is the number one resource for streaming and keeping up with the anime world. 

Here’s the list of the best alternatives of the Animeultima website.

Animeultima Alternatives


This site is the big daddy of animation streaming sites. It is one of the oldest sites dedicated to streaming anime movies and anime TV series and enjoys a solid reputation.

KissAnime has one of the largest anime collections on the internet with anime movies, series and videos available in all genres including Horror, Adventure, Action and War-based. The site is constantly adding the latest anime releases to keep the anime fun always going!

KissAnime is loved by millions of anime enthusiasts all across the globe. The site provides free anime streaming in high-quality video formats. The backend of the site is robust, providing smooth uninterrupted streaming to viewers.

KissAnime lets you discover your favourite anime content with easy and accurate discoverability features. You can either browse through its huge database sorted out by categories. Or you could type in your exact need in its robust search facility to get an accurate match. 

Why choose it? – Its MASSIVE anime collection 

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Terrarium TV

For those of you, especially the millennials, who would want to watch anime on their mobile devices, Terrarium TV is a perfect choice. It is a feature-rich Android app that lets you stream all your favourite movies and TV shows in HD quality free of cost. Note that Terrarium TV is not restricted only to watching anime only. It has an amazing range of movies and series.

Terrarium TV boasts of a large collection with all the top-rated movies and series. It has a top-notch media player built into the app that even supports ultra-High-Definition video quality. You do not need to install any other add-ons or plugins or third-party media players separately.

Another cool thing about Terrarium TV is that it supports Android TV. Screen your favourite anime series or movie on a large high-quality LED TV to enjoy the perfect theatre experience in your home!

Terrarium TV lets you download videos to your local mobile device for offline viewing. This helps you save crucial data costs.

Why choose it? – Watch on Mobile Device through Android App

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DubbedAnime is an awesome anime streaming site especially geared toward those looking for multilingual dubbed and subbed anime. It has a huge collection of classic and latest anime videos. 

What’s more, DubbedAnime provides detailed character and story descriptions on its anime videos. This makes it easy for you to discover and follow along with the perfect anime for your taste. 

DubbedAnime comes with a cool dark interface that takes the viewing fun up a notch. It also provides all the latest news in the anime world. Along with its robust search facility, it also has a nice recommendation system to help you find anime movies and series of your choice.

Why choose it?  – Best for those looking for dubbed/subbed anime videos

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Sometimes, even the largest anime collection does not have the one anime movie that we need to watch. Sounds familiar?

Well, WatchAnimeMovie is there to help you out. The site has one of the most responsive and quickest request features among all the anime streaming sites. Simply raise a request for the movie that you want, and the folks at WatchAnimeMovie will make it available on their site within 24 hours! This site is accessible from any country and is free of cost.

Another cool thing about WatchAnimeMovie is its large collection of classic anime. It also has an impressive modern collection of the latest trending anime. The site has a nice easy interface and gives smooth streaming. 

It has anime videos from all genres including horror, romance, comedy and more. You can browse through the list of videos, each of which carries a detailed description, to find something that you would like. Otherwise, you can use its robust search bar to find a specific video.

Why choose it? – Best On-Demand Request feature to get exactly the video you need

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If you are looking for a steady flow of anime recommendations in your feed, then Anime-Planet is the perfect site for you. This site boasts of one of the first and most advanced anime recommendation systems that will suggest awesome anime movies and series based on your viewing history.

It has a vast database of 40,000+ anime videos that helps you discover the best anime. You can set up lists to organise your anime content.

It is one of the oldest anime sites and has been operational since 2001. It has a huge community to share and discuss all things anime. You can find amazing like-minded friends or just have some meaningful anime discussion.

A pleasant surprise with Anime-Planet is that it also has a wonderful collection of manga for those of us who prefer the written word. The site has an intuitive interface. You only need to register with a valid email if you want to join and take part in its community of anime lovers.

Why choose it? – World Class Recommendation System

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If you are someone who wants to watch the latest anime series and movies first-up, then Manga-Anime- Here is the best site for you. This site has the largest collection of new anime titles. And it updates its catalogue with the latest and most popular content all the time.

Manga-Anime-Here also has a dedicated and detailed news section loaded with all the interesting happenings from the anime universe. If you are one to keep up with all the latest anime developments, you won’t go wrong with Manga-Anime-Here.

The site is free to access and has a fluid rich interface. You could almost mistake it to be a paid site!

The site also has an extensive manga collection for readers. It also provides social sharing buttons for fast and single-click sharing across major social networks.

It has a powerful search facility to give you the closest matches. Its large collection is well arranged into different categories like Adventure, action and comedy for easy selection.

Why choose it? – The latest series and movies. Also, the latest news and buzz in the anime world.

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AnimeNova is a streaming site that has lots of anime movies and TV Series on its platform. It streams its content in high-quality video formats and also provides dubbed versions. It has a solid website, allowing it to stream movies seamlessly and smoothly.

AnimeNova daily uploads episodes of cartoon series for those who want to watch the latest content. Its extensive repertoire of anime content is well sorted out into multiple categories such as Anime Series, Naruto Manga, Dub Anime and Cartoon. It boasts of having over 3000 anime movies/series.

You can search for your favourite anime video on this site either by scrolling through their catalogue or placing a query in the search bar. This site also has a nice rating feature. This, along with the summaries that it provides on its videos, makes it easy to select the right anime. AnimeNova also supports a request feature for those titles which are currently unavailable.

AnimeNova has a wide collection of anime dramas if you are into those kinds of content. 

Why choose it? – For its extensive collection of anime dramas.

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9Anime is a completely free anime streaming site with a massive collection of anime movies and TV series. Most of its content is in high-quality HD format to cater to those audiences who are particular about video quality. There are no irritating ads on this site to spoil your viewing experience.

It has titles in many genres including cars, comedy, action, adventure and horror. You can opt to have subtitles show up as you watch the videos. You do not need any registration to access this site. Neither do they ask you for any personal details. They also support request-on-demand for any missing titles.

The best part about 9Anime is its rich sorting and search features. The video content is nicely sorted by year, genre, language, season and status. You can search for a particular title by many parameters including title, genre, production house and plot. All this makes 9Anime a wonderful site in terms of discoverability.

Why choose it? – Easy discoverability through its rich search/sort capabilities

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For all those hardcore Naruto fans, NarutoGet is the streaming site of your choice. Heavily loaded with Naruto content, this rich and robust site packs in many more features. It supports anytime, anywhere access from any part of the world for its fast-streaming high-quality video content.

NarutoGet is a world-renowned site with a huge collection of anime videos. It also has many manga titles for readers to enjoy. It has a very simple and friendly interface for easy navigability. You can also find English dubbed versions of many of its videos. The site is free of cost for visitors to enjoy unlimited Naruto fun.

The site boasts of having the full Naruto Shippuden series collection on its platform. Its extensive collection is well-organised into multiple categories such as Naruto Movies, Boruto, Naruto Dubbed and many more.

Why choose it? – The go-to site for hardcore Naruto fans

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AnimeFreak is a wonderful anime streaming site that provides extensive dubbed and subbed content for viewers to enjoy. It has millions of viewers spread across the globe who visit it for unlimited hours of anime streaming joy.

The site is free of cost and provides a smooth streaming experience. Videos are of high quality for better viewership. 

Another advantage of AnimeFreak is its rich manga collection that can keep the readers amongst us hooked on for hours. The site has a simple intuitive interface which makes browsing on it a breeze.

Why choose it?   –  A nice all-round site for anime streaming 

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If you are looking to catch up with trendy anime series and movies, then AnimeSeason will get the job done for you. The site has a large collection of trending and current anime content and does a great job of updating its database with new releases constantly.

The site is fast and provides videos in good resolution in HD format. A nice and intuitive user interface makes for a pleasant viewing experience on AnimeSeason.

It also provides an extensive range of subbed anime videos for helping viewers of all languages. It categorises its videos under multiple headings such as full series, current series and highly-rated series.

There is no registration needed to access the content on AnimeSeason. You can just visit the site and quickly start viewing its popular content such as Hunter X Hunter, World Trigger, Alice to Zouroku and many more.

Why choose it? — For its trending anime content

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Masterani is an amazing streaming site loaded with awesome anime movies, series and videos. It is particularly good for the sci-fi nerds among us with its rich sci-fi anime collection. Related to this, it also has some great vampire-themed titles for fantasy-loving viewers.

The good part is that Masterani provides English dubbed titles to cater to viewers across the globe. Its large video library has more than 2500 anime series/movies. Most of its content is in high-grade HD format for a better viewing experience.

The site provides a useful rating system for viewers to make better choices. It also supports viewer comments to enable discussion and feedback on the anime content. 

No registration is needed to view the anime on Masterani. One cool feature is that it has a section with the latest updates from the world of anime.

Why choose it? – Best for sci-fi/fantasy/vampire theme lovers

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Cartoon Crazy

CartoonCrazy is a streaming site dedicated to anime and cartoons. It boasts of a good collection of movies and Tv series, and it makes sure it keeps updating its database with new interesting additions.

You can search its database by sorting by year or by sorting by genre for easy discoverability. It has multilingually dubbed content to enable viewers to get past any language barriers and enjoy hours of crazy anime/cartoon joy.

Cartoon Crazy has an advanced search feature and comes in with a very nice recommendation system. This helps save viewers’ time and effort in searching for new relevant anime content.

Cartoon Crazy supports a community feature on its platform for viewers to interact and share content with like-minded anime lovers.

Why choose it? –  A dedicated cartoon/anime streaming service that meets the bill across all parameters

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BabyAnime is a fast anime streaming site that has a very good collection of anime movies and TV series across all genres like horror, adventure, action and romance. The site provides fast and smooth lag-free streaming for a better viewing experience. Its content is in high-quality video formats for more fun and pleasure.

The good part about BabyAnime is that it has a healthy balance of new and classic anime titles for all kinds of viewers. It also provides many English dubbed videos and has extensive subtitle support.

It has an easy and fast user interface and requires no time-consuming sign-ups to get started. It provides nice descriptions for the videos to help its audience choose better.

Why choose it?    –  Fast smooth streaming for easy viewing

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Anilinkz is another wonderful anime streaming site. It provides full episodes of anime TV series and videos. This is suited for those who wish to go for only long-form content and do not want to dabble in short videos.

The site has a rich collection sorted into genres like fantasy, romance and comedy. Anilinkz allows you to stream any number of videos for any duration without any restrictions whatsoever. It truly provides unlimited viewing fun.

Anilinkz has a special massive cartoon section for meeting the needs of users of all ages and interests. You can spend hours browsing through this huge catalogue. Most likely, you will find something awesome for your taste and mood at that time!

Anilinkz has a smooth and easy interface which makes it simple to navigate around the site and use its many features. It does not ask you to provide any personal data or go through any cumbersome registration process. You can have peace of mind that there are no privacy risks with Anilinkz.

The site also has a robust discoverability capability. It lets you either explore its content catalogue or find something specific through its well-functioning search bar.

Why choose it? – Suited for cartoon lovers and those who prefer only full episodes

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KissAnime.ru.net is an awesome anime streaming site that has one of the largest collections of the latest anime on the internet.  It is ideal for those viewers who want to stream daily news and the latest anime. The site provides high-quality videos and also has many dubbed anime movies and TV series.

It has content spread across many genres including detective, horror, action and romance. Each genre is power-packed with numerous series to suit any taste and choice.

You can stream unlimited anime content on this fast, robust site. This site has one of the most detailed advanced search features and lets you search by parameters such as tag or related words.

It also has a powerful recommendation engine that makes relevant suggestions based on viewing history. These make discoverability very easy. You can always find some good anime suggestions with it. 

The site also has cool social features. It has a nice rating system for sorting, arranging and selecting anime videos. Also, it provides a good comment system for viewers to drop their opinions and engage in meaningful conversation around anime.

Why choose it? – For those who want the latest titles daily

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Soul-Anime is the newest member on our list and it is one of the fastest-growing sites in the anime streaming space. This site has some of the best high-quality anime content available for streaming totally free of cost.

The site is fast and ensures a smooth spike-less viewing experience. It updates its database of awesome anime movies and TV series with the latest and trending anime videos regularly.

Its vast collection of anime videos is sorted by genres like adventure, romance, horror and many more. The user interface is easy and intuitive which makes navigation around the site pleasing.

Soul-Anime does not ask you to do any tedious sign-ups and sign-ins. You can just point your browser to their URL and start streaming your favourite anime movies and TV series right away.

One cool feature about Soul-Anime is that it lets you download an unlimited number of anime videos for offline viewing. This way you can make precious savings on data costs.

Why choose it? – Those looking for the newest fastest-growing streaming site

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Hulu is one of the big names in the video streaming space. It is not solely restricted to anime and makes available movies, TV series and videos from all genres including Drama, Action, Western, Sci-Fi etc. You will be surprised that its collection of anime videos is also quite extensive and rich.

Hulu is one of the bigger companies on this list and its site is loaded with awesome features. Also, its user interface is top-notch and makes for endless hours of viewing joy.

There are tools to speed up or slow down the video depending on how much time you have. You can create watchlists and wish lists for later viewing.

Hulu has multi-lingual support to ensure the audience are not deprived of viewership pleasure owing to any language barriers. It has an amazing collection of world movies for tickling different artistic sentiments. Also, the Hulu team is adding new content all the time.

With Hulu, you get the absolute best in terms of video quality. The pictures are all crisp and sharp. So too with the top-notch sound. With Hulu, you will get an amazing full-fletched viewing experience

Why choose it?  — Full fletched top-notch video streaming 

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AnimeHeaven is a great site to stream anime videos. Its vast collection boasts of having more than 3500 anime movies and TV series in it. 

They have content in many genres including samurai, sports and superpower. It has some cool social features including a comment section to interact with fellow users.

They have a great search facility that matches and finds exactly the kind of anime movie or TV series you are looking to watch.

Why choose it? – Nice all-round site with a large collection 

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Chia-anime is a streaming site that is a pioneer in Japanese anime streaming. It has a well-balanced collection of both new and old anime titles and is power-packed with the most popular anime movies and Tv series such as Bleach and Naruto Shippuden.

It has a nice community on its platform to help users engage with each other. Videos are in HD crisp quality. It supports multi-genre content including ninjas, aliens and many more.

The site is regularly updated with new latest additions. It has duo-lingual support for both Japanese and English to cater to a wider audience.

Why choose it? – Most popular titles are available with duo-lingual support

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The special thing about KissAnime.RU.com is that it exclusively features full-length movies and TV series on its portal. This site is thus geared toward serious die-hard anime fans who are ready to put in that much time commitment.

It has a large collection of the latest and trending anime titles well balanced with some old ones. The content spans many genres like horror, comedy, ninja and also includes documentary pieces.

The site has a very robust search feature for fans to find the appropriate anime movie or TV series of their choice.

Why choose it? – Serious anime lovers that want only full-length content

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Netflix is the poster boy of video streaming services. It has the largest collection of movies and TV series including some nice anime titles. It has content spread across genres like Western, classic, space, sci-fi, comedy and many more.

Netflix has come up with affordable pricing to enable users to enjoy its premium services from any part of the globe. Multi-user plans allow families to use Netflix at low costs while also allowing friends to pool and distribute subscription costs. It also has a full 30-day free trial which can be useful for new subscribers.

All in all, Netflix is the best video streaming service for universal content. 

Why choose it? – The most comprehensive streaming service for those who are willing to spend 

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One of the best anime streaming sites with the maximum number of genres to choose from. It boasts of having 45 genres on its portal.

The site is easy to use and provides high-quality content. Many anime movies and series are available with English dubbing. It also regularly updates its huge database with new releases.

It has robust search facilities and is easy to use. You only need to register if you require regular updates about the latest anime news.

Why choose it? – Largest genre choice with 45 genres

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This is one of the most comprehensive anime streaming sites that has a rich array of features including discussion threads and email subscription to get notifications about new releases on the platform.

It has a huge collection in multiple genres with top-notch titles like Dragon Ball Super and Full Metal Alchemist.

Its fast servers provide smooth uninterrupted streaming for you to get lost in the world of anime!

It has a special trending section that fills your feed with the most-watched anime titles at that moment across the globe.

Why choose it? – Comprehensive feature set that goes beyond streaming, cool trending section 

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Animestreams is a great choice if you want to stream your favourite anime movies and series from its massive catalogue. It has one of the largest collections of anime titles that we have come across ranging from new to the old ones across all genres like romance, horror, action and many more.

Even more, it has an excellent request feature through which you can ask for any title that might have been left out of their already huge database. It lets you enjoy all this awesomeness free of cost with no annoying pop-ups or ads.

Why choose it? – Massive Database of Titles

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Animeland is a great anime streaming website for those who want an easy decluttered viewing experience. It has a minimalist user interface and there are no irritating pop-ups or ads to disrupt your viewing.

It is totally free to use and provides rich HD content. The site constantly adds new titles to its roster and has a useful comment section. 

One cool thing is it has dedicated tabs for special categories. For example, there are tabs specifically for dubbed anime and for Dragon Ball Super.

Why choose it? – Decluttered no nonsense anime streaming 

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Gogoanime lets you stream unlimited hours of anime content from its large collection filled with the latest releases without any ads.

You can easily search through its database. Also, the site makes it very easy to share anything you like across all popular social networks.

Gogoanime ensures good viewer quality and keeps out trolls and spammers by asking you to sign-up with a verified email before you start streaming from it.  It ensures good site maintenance and discipline this way.

Why choose it? — For those who prefer gated content and better management 

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Daisuki is owned by a leading Japanese anime production house. You can be sure of the very best in frame-by-frame animation when it comes to the anime content on this site.

This site is also an e-commerce store bundled in with the streaming service. You can buy cool anime merchandise on this portal.

Daisuki provides paid plans to access its premium content. But it is worth the money as they then let you stream unlimited hours of high-quality premium stuff.

It also has a mobile application for those who prefer it that way.

Why choose it?  Top-end professional service with premium content and merchandise

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This is a high-end anime site based out of North America. It goes way beyond streaming in its offerings.

It provides the latest news, lets you discover anime games, releases comprehensive guides, features the coolest anime merchandise and lets you track trending anime stuff.

It is an absolute full-blown anime experience. 

It also features manga for the readers among us. And the best part is that it is totally free to use.

Why choose it? — Full Blown Immersive Anime Experience

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It is another amazing streaming site that has all the features you expect.

It provides new and old titles in HD quality from its massive database. The titles are nicely arranged by categories like horror, action, and more.

It has a simple user interface. It also allows you to download any number of anime videos for offline viewing.

Why choose it? –  An all-round service that ticks all the boxes

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Animelab lets you fast-track simulcast shows directly from Japan.

It has content in multiple categories and new additions are made all the time. The site has multilingual support to get past any language barriers. It also provides extensive dubbed videos to further enable viewers from any part of the world to enjoy its content.

Setup is easy and simple. You only need to register with a verified email if you want to get anime news. They have some of the best performing anime titles in their database like Blue Exorcist, Gangsta and Sword Art.

Why choose it? – Fast Track simulcast shows from Japan, vast collection 

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