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Acetone is a chemical compound with two carbons on either side of a carboxyl group. The carboxyl group is also called a ketone and thus it is named acetone. The chemical formula for acetone is propan-2-one and it has one of the oxidizing properties due to the presence of oxygen in the molecule. 

Acetone is used in a variety of products such as a paint varnisher and as nail polish remover. It is extensively used in labs to make other chemical compounds such as aldehydes, carboxylic acids and alcohols. Although acetone is basically harmless to the human body if applied externally, it is basically a poison when injected. 

Acetone is also one of the most volatile compounds and you can find it at any cosmetic shop or even at your local pharmacy store. Acetone is highly flammable and care must be taken to avoid acetone in any area while being in the combustion process. There are a lot of things with respect to acetone and we would now discuss acetone on hair and its application, uses and terms and conditions related to the same in a question and answer format. Here it goes:-

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Can acetone be used on your hair?

Ans. It depends on the process. There are multiple blogs on the internet that recommend acetone on your hair to be applied due to its oxidizing properties. Of course, you don’t have to apply the same direction but it is applied with the help of mixing the same in other things. 

You can also remove gum or any type of chewing gum stuck on your hair with acetone. It won’t damage your hair as long as you use it in minimal quantities. With regards to acetone on the hair, there are many people who use hair extensions. This is very helpful in that process as it helps to remove the adhesive. Let’s discuss the same in detail later. 

Firstly, you need to realise that acetone, although not harmful when applied externally, is an extremely difficult compound to prepare and the compounds which are difficult to prepare are very harmful to the human body. So make sure that you regulate the amount in minimal quantities with respect to your body. 

Can acetone help in removing the glue from hair extensions? 

Ans. Coming to the main answer, firstly, remember the warning posed in the question before and then read further. Actually, it is the only way. Acetone is the only compound that helps in removing the glue present during the process of application of hair extensions. 

The glue that is applied during the process of application of hair extensions is also known as acrylic hair extension adhesive or extension glue. If you see the chemical structure of an adhesive, you would realise that one applied to the same, it forms covalent bonds which are intermolecular in nature. 

Thus, the bonds protect the hair from falling out and that’s how you get the perfect hair extensions for yourself. Now, make sure that you know how to apply the glue correctly or else it would damage your hair more than the acetone. 

Once you are done with your extension, you can apply acetone over the glue and it would remove the same. This is because acetone breaks the covalent bonds formed in the glue and this is why the glue comes off perfectly without any problems and removes the hair extensions. 

How to apply acetone to your hair?

Ans. With respect to the application of acetone, as mentioned before, acetone is a very volatile liquid. The moment you open the bottle, you should be very quick to apply the same and then quickly put on the cap. Failure to do so and in the next 15 minutes, you would be left with an empty bottle. 

Plus, it isn’t cheap. You can’t get the same in about 5 bucks so make sure you use it properly. Be very careful to use the same if you are somewhere with a flame near you as it can catch fire very quickly. Also, it is literally impossible for you to hold acetone in your hand as it evaporates too soon. 

So instead of pouring the bottle, make sure that you have a piece of cotton with you. Wet the cotton with acetone and then rub the same over your hair. This would ensure that the acetone doesn’t evaporate instantly and you would have the opportunity to apply the same on your hair.

If at all something happens that you apply the cotton swab and it doesn’t get wet or evaporates again, stab a needle at the tip and squeeze the liquid onto the glue. It would immediately fall off. But make sure that you tape the pore that you just created to avoid evaporation. 

Does acetone damage the hair?

Ans. A shaman once said that anything in excess is poison. So be it acetone or even water, it is poison if used in excess. Of the above procedure where I mentioned that you can pin the top of the bottle and squeeze acetone out, make sure that you don’t pour more than 4 ml. And do go on measuring it, once you use it you would understand what is more and what is less. 

The reason behind this is that you know how strong acrylic glue is. It is one of the strongest glue out there that can hold up to 20 kilos of weight just with a pea-sized amount. That’s how tough acrylic glue is. Even the bonds which are formed are called covalent bonds and covalent bonds are present in diamonds so you can imagine how hard it is. 

So, acetone basically melts these covalent bonds and creates surface tension inside the glue so that you can pull out the hair extensions. That’s why you must be careful as you do not know how powerful it is. It can even melt your hair and make them so weak that it would be blown away even by a small breeze. 

The best way to avoid all this drama is to make sure that you use your extensions carefully. Also, you can apply baby oil and almond oil at the place where the glue is applied and keep it for a few minutes. Then dab the area with cotton soaked in acetone and the hair extensions would fall off on their own.